Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Regatta Day

Today was our annual Regatta Day in Portscatho.......A sandcastle competition was followed by races on the beach for the kids; then a raft race and swimming races and kayak races. Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind for the working boats to compete, but they were towed round to the bay anyway so that we could enjoy their spectacle and the crews could come ashore for a pasty and a pint!

Sitting on the slip enjoying the events, and having fun on the sand....

The bunting was up in the streets,

and I took full advantage of the fine weather to spill out onto the pavement....

Such a lovely day meeting all sorts of lovely people; friends old and new, locals and visitors. Just a great way to round off the summer!
Have a happy Bank Holiday weekend xxx

Friday, 21 August 2015

"Mar not my face......"

Near the entrance to a cave on Crantock Beach near Newquay, a woman's head and a horse are carved into the sloping rock face, along with four lines of verse. Sometime in the 1920's a young woman on horseback became trapped in this cave by the swift incoming tide, and tragically both she and her horse were drowned. So distraught was the young woman's lover that he carved this permanent memorial to her, though no trace of her name seems to remain.

"Mar not my face but let me be
  Secure in this lone cavern by the sea.
  Let the wild waves around me roar
  Kissing my lips for evermore."

I have been going to Crantock Beach all my life, but I did not know of this carving's existence until this summer.

A little splash of colour to brighten up these dismal days.......is the weather as bad where you are?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I have built up a little collection of handmade Victorian and Edwardian sleeves. 

Some are still in pairs and others I have only one.

Such painstaking work and attention to detail is quite astonishing to our eyes today.

We seem to have lost so much in our modern dress in terms of beauty, delicacy and feminine allure.

Just imagine what it must have felt like to wear such precious garments......

Monday, 6 July 2015

Today I've been harvesting my lavender, and it felt like I'd turned a little corner of Calstock into the South of France. Such a fragrance.......

I planted five lavenders in the gravel outside J's flat last spring and they enjoy full sun all day long, so perfect conditions. I may sell some of it in bunches in the shop, and the rest shall be dried for future use in lavender cushions. How do you like to use your lavender?

Friday, 26 June 2015

My first roses are out! The variety is 'Mary Rose' . I mixed the two blooms with some red campions, cow parsley and delicate white-petaled brambles.

 Lately I have been making cushions......

and cards......

 Wendy has made the most darling little baby shoes!!!!!

Hope your summer has got off to a good start

Sunday, 31 May 2015

End of Spring...

As it's the 31st May, I suppose today's the day we wave goodbye to Spring. I picked a bucketful of wildflowers from the hedgerow to stand outside the shop; Cow Parsley, Green Alkanet, grasses, Red Campions and Comfrey. May has always been my favourite month simply because of the beauty of the roadside flowers here.

Cat Rowe came to deliver some of her lovely cards and fabric brooches. 

I'm afraid one of these flower brooches made it's way straight onto my dungarees; it perfectly matched the colours I was wearing!

The shop seems to be full of flowers at the moment.....

Pretty fitted cot sheets and pillowcases made in Portscatho by Wendy Bernthal are part of her 'Leonard and Primrose' range of baby clothes and accessories, using lovely Liberty cottons.

Also new are these pretty hair grips by hat designer Gil Fox, and brooches of tiny velvet violets.

 One of my latest cushions on top of a selection of floral vintage fabrics.

Hope you've enjoyed a little peep into the shop today; 
Goodbye May, hello Summer! xxx

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Annie's Garden

 Come with me on a tour of Annie's glorious garden.......

 outside the front door is a paved area with a bench and lots of pots, and Annie's painting studio lies just to the left.

A winding path then begins a gentle descent down through several terraces of grass lawns and flower beds.

The clever design means that you can never take in the whole garden at once, but are continually taken along paths and between hedges and through little wicket gates into different garden rooms.

Annie has a penchant for old galvanised watering cans and buckets; they sit dotted around the garden collecting rainwater. The old stove that used to be in the railway carriage now stands in the gravel garden by the greenhouse.

If you look closely some of the containers have sherds of pottery amongst the plants.....

The main area of grass is in front of the railway carriage.....

and below that is the productive kitchen garden. I picked fresh lettuce and rocket for my lunch each day.

Spending these few days here has been such a welcome retreat, a real delight for the senses.

Chris and Annie are currently setting up a website for 'Long Hill Carriage' Holidays @ www.longhillcarriage.co.uk
In the meantime if you'd like to check for availability or book a holiday straight away you can go to:

I can thoroughly recommend!