Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 22 March 2020

 How are you all managing out there? I thought I'd share some photos of joyous Spring flowers to wish all mothers a very 'Happy Mother's Day'. There are probably lots of you who weren't able to see your loved ones today because of the contact restrictions, but  sacrifices have to be made for the common cause.
My shop is now closed until who knows when? I was feeling rather bereft yesterday as my shop really is the focus of my life, and I have been working hard at home all Winter making things ready for the season, which would ordinarily start next week with the start of the school holidays. 

To those of you who may still be planning on coming to Cornwall to spend the Easter holidays, may I ask you to think very carefully before you do - I know it's a beautiful place to escape to, but Cornwall has a higher than average elderly population who are feeling very vulnerable right now. So far there have been few cases of Coronavirus in Cornwall, and a sudden influx of visitors could make that number soar, as well as deplete our little village shops of food and essentials. We only have one hospital in the county with facilities to cope with the virus.
 So please, stay put in your own home, and stay safe, and we will get through these unprecedented circumstances together.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

 It's finished! I feel like I have been painting with wool....
 When Angelica saw it she said, 'Oh it's the colours of Cornwall!' and she's right -  the ocean depths, the tidal pools, the craggy cliffs, the lichen crevices, the sandy coves....
I have used all different weights of yarn, some wool, some cotton; two strands together if they are very fine, which has resulted in a gently undulating effect not unlike the contours of a landscape, which quietly pleases me. I made plenty of mistakes along the way, and had to unpick parts several times over, but I think I shall carry on knitting for the rest of my life, now that I have re-ignited the bug (I'm already planning the next one!)

Sunday, 26 January 2020

I've started knitting again! It's only been about 25 years since I last picked up a pair of knitting needles - oh I am loving it so much!
 I am following one of Kaffe Fassett's sleeveless pullover patterns from his book 'Glorious Knitting'; sticking pretty much to the colourway in the book, as it so happened I had those colours stashed away in my wool basket anyway.

On Friday I went to see the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, somewhere I drive past so many times and have just never got round to going in.

 As you will read below, Bernard Leach set up the pottery with his friend Shoji Hamada in the early 1920's. Later his wife Janet and son David also worked alongside Bernard producing the dinnerware and studio pots which made his name famous all over the world, especially so in Japan, where Bernard had originally been taught his craft by one of the Japanese masters. Nowadays there are no Leachs at the pottery, but other resident potters still produce a range of dinnerware and studio pots available to purchase in the studio shop.

 I will take you on a little tour around the pottery, picking out details which delighted me.... (there was no-one else looking around, so I could take my time and soak in the atmosphere, imagining the great master at work).....

 The clay mixing machine

A warming fire at the heart of the pottery where Bernard would do critiques of his son David's and other student's work - if it wasn't up to scratch, he would simply squash it and expect the piece to be made all over again.

On one wall, samples of different clays and glazes for reference

 (When I was looking through these photos I suddenly noticed how closely the colours on these tiles resembled the colours that I was using in my jumper!)

The kilns, fired by gas

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Some beautiful pieces by contemporary potters for sale in the shop. 
For once, I resisted.......

Monday, 23 December 2019

A very Merry Christmas to you one and all!
Handmade Christmas tree decorations made out of driftwood and recycled books...

The seagulls in the Sea Garden window have their winter scarves on!

Here's to a holiday full of good cheer dear friends xxx