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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Desert island discs!

I got rid of my television five years ago and I have not missed it one bit. I have always been more of a radio person anyway, switching between Radio 2 and Radio 4 as the fancy takes me. My favourite time to listen is Sunday morning on Radio 4, which includes Desert Island Discs. Each week a person in the public eye gets to choose his or her top 8 records, pieces of music that they could not live without were they to be marooned on a desert island.

Listening to the programme I have often pondered what my choice of eight records would be.....

so as a bit of fun I am going to share with you my favourite pieces of music.

Believe me, if you have ever tried doing this yourself, you'll know just how difficult it can be to narrow the choice down to just eight........

Of course, my list may change over time......

but this is how it stands at the moment.........just click on the following youtube clips to listen to my choices


  1. heehee I've had my 8 record choices ready for years, just in case I get the call! Off to listen to yours now

  2. I would find it impossible to choose just eight pieces of music.. there are so many that mean so much to me. I am very fond of Arvo Part for all kinds of reasons.. It was Spiegel im Spiegal that I fell in love to and was also the last music my mother listened to before she died. Bittersweet but still beautiful music..

    Michele xx

  3. Ah Michele, what happy and also poignant memories that piece must bring you now. I often listen to it in bed when I'm ready for sleep, It is so restful, and I'm sure your mother found it so.

    Christine x x