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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Country Living Article!

I got a lovely surprise today when I opened my post box to see the February issue of Country Living Magazine, featuring the article about our little creative co-operative! We hadn't been expecting it to be out until Tuesday, but maybe we've been sent a copy in advance.

Anyway, here it is - a great picture of Jane's barn studio, and that close-up of the scones, cream and jam, well, it's enough to make your mouth water!

As you will read when you see the article, Jane, Gertie, Angelica and myself will be exhibiting our work at the Country Living Spring Fair in London in March (more details to follow in later posts), so we are all busy making goodies to take up with us. Unfortunately Angelica broke her arm badly on 30th November and has not been able to do a stitch yet - here's hoping she will improve enough to get creating again, as the frustration is driving her potty!
Needless to say we are all getting together on Tuesday to celebrate the article with a tea party!

Not got time to do much more of a post today, but a huge thank you to Brent the photographer who made the whole photo shoot day such fun, and also to Ruth who wrote the piece, and came all the way down from London on the train to interview us and got plied with cake and non-stop chatter from the four of us! If it isn't out in the shops yet, it soon will be, so enjoy!


  1. Congratulations and splendid job. How wonderful for your coop. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Oooh, this is exciting. I was wondering when you would be in the mag. I'll rush out and get one...congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, I look forward to reading the article.
    I get Country Living each month, although living in France I do enjoy looking and reading through my favourite magazines.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Congratulations! I'll look forward to reading my copy!

  5. Ooh mine hasn't arrived yet.
    I'm looking forward to reading the article I remember you posting about the photo shoot when I first discovered your blog.

    Jo x

  6. How lovely ~ you clever girls!
    I will be rushing out to get my copy. x

  7. Congratulations to you all on the fantastic article. It was lovely to read all about your 'creative get-togethers'. Looking forward to seeing you at the Country Living Fair in March!

  8. It looks lovely, well done all of you!

  9. awww thats so lovely. Congratulations to you all. Dee x

  10. Hi, I have only recently discovered your blog, and I love it! We live in the south of the south island of NZ, and have a wee holiday cottage at Riverton which is by the sea a little further south. I get the English Country living every month, but ours comes much later than yours! how tantalising to have a glimpse of the article about you and then have to wait another month!!! Just love your wee shop and the beautiful things you create.

  11. Did you mention this ages ago?! Time has flown if so! I got my copy yesterday so will read your article intently :) Hope I see you at the spring fair as well! xox

  12. How fabulous and what fun for you all I am really excited waiting for Tuesday now Christine...
    So very pleased for you all xxx
    Love Lynn xxx

  13. Oh Congrats, well done to you :)That is a real achievement

    All things nice...

  14. I had my copy delivered today & read your article - WOW congratulations - it's fabulous! and Jane's studio is gorgeous!

  15. How brilliant! Well done to all of you x

  16. Loved it! Would love to visit the shop!
    Actually, would love to live nearer! I can dream!

    Sandie xx

  17. Yay mine came this morning, oh it's so lovely! What a great piece, I am tempted to come to the Spring Fair now! What fun it all looks,

    Love Sarah x

  18. I came across your blogs through reading this article. And because we lived many years in Cornwall and Devon (and still visit family down their regularly) I have really enjoyed reading through and looking at your lovely photo's

  19. Congratulations. I shall buy a copy so that I can read the article in full. I shall also look out for you at the CL Spring Fair.

  20. Congrats!!!! I will have to go and buy myself the UK Country Living JUST to read the article! Nothing is more fun than creating with friends! I keep telling myself that a trip to the UK would do me some good!! You girls are so inspiring!

    :) Becky

  21. Got my copy in the post this morning and was so surprised when I saw the article! I hadn't seen this blog entry at that point but got very excited when I realised it was you. A fantastic article, it looks like you have lots of fun together. I can't wait for the Spring Fair!

  22. shoot!!!
    living here in oz ..you may as well be living on the moon!!
    i don't get country living until 2 months later ..haven't even seen the crissie issue yet!!
    stop being a whinging pom..lynnie
    still i have my lovely blogland people to keep me informed!!thank u

  23. Congratulations on your article I was reading it this morning and you are all truly talented!
    Enjoy your celebrations on Tuesday

  24. I live in the U.S. and Country Living UK is absolutely my very most favorite magazine (also Selvedge). I subscribe to it and am looking forward to getting this month's copy, but so enjoyed the little peek I got by stumbling upon your wonderful blog. I am a Julie Whitmore fan, and have acquired a couple of her pieces. I'll check back ofter!

  25. first thing I turned to when CL popped through the door this week - what a lovely article!

  26. Just read your article in Country Living.... your set up looks really lovely.
    I like the idea of getting together with cake/scones!
    Brent is good isn't he, we had him two years ago to photograph our house for Country Homes and Interiors.
    Julie x

  27. Congratulations Christine...I haven't bought a CL mag for well over a year (or two?) - various reasons, but made an exception today, as I knew you'd be inside! I'm looking forward to settling down in a minute and to read it in full.
    Well done you having a stall at the Spring Fair...very brave of you...I know all the visitors will love you(!) and your wares.
    Happy days to you,
    Niki x

  28. Just found your blog, via Nice Day at Rosies, and I love it! Congratulations on the article. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get a copy of the February Country Living out here in the States until mid Feb, but I'll look forward to reading your article when it gets here! Lx

  29. Sorry me again Christine
    ...I have the copy and it is a super article I love the pictures and the writing, it's so colourful I love it, can't wait to see you at the Fair its not long now ..ha ha I bet your all sewing like mad xxx
    Love Lynn xxxx

  30. Just got my copy! Fab article, all looks wonderful, wish I lived nearer.. Lizzie xx

  31. ahhhh I have just got my copy - a lovely article indeed. I come in your shop every time I come on holiday - which is at least three times a year - visiting my friend Valerie Penny. Well done!!

  32. I've just recently discovered your blog and just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed reading through your posts. We will be down on The Lizard Peninsular in the summer and feel a trip on the ferry over to The Rosesland might be necessary. Will be back for more visits.

  33. Fabulous,
    The most wonderful magazine for a fantastic group of gals.

  34. Hi Christine

    Better late than never - I've only just got round to commenting on the super article. It was a lovely unexpected treat to find it in the pages of CL!

    Hope all's well for the CL Fair. Will you be able to get up to DH for our Day in April? Do hope so.

    Sue x

  35. Wonderful and CONGRATS to you all. I won't receive my copy until the end of the month here in the USA (sometimes the beginning of the next month). I hope this helps business for you.

    Sending happy thoughts across the pond,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  36. It looks fabulous. Thanks for the pictures. It is great to see this as I cannot get Country Living in the Czech Republic, where I live, sob.