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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Autumnal bliss

Yesterday after I'd closed up at the shop I went picking blackberries above Percuil River, and the hush of the evening was such perfection I wanted to commit it to memory forever.

Today I spent lazing on the beach, perfect blue sky and hot but not searing sunshine; listening to the sound of happy carefree children at play. I swam in the sea too but not for long, it was colder than a few months ago. 

Has anyone else got a plague of flies? I've just spent the last half-hour swotting and catching sixteen flies in my bedroom alone, all zipping round my lamp in that frenzied drugged state.... aarrggghhhhh!

Sorry to do a retrospective bit of blogging now, but a couple of weeks ago Angela and I found ourselves at the second annual Hat Festival in Bridport, Dorset.

 There were lots of street stalls, the weather was kind to us on the whole, and the atmosphere was very jovial. I think it was a great way to get the whole town involved; anyone could participate simply by wearing a hat!

 There were some weird and wonderful hats on show, but I think Angela should take the prize for being the most stylish - what do you think?

A very daring South American red felt trilby, and Angela carried it off with panache!

I love this great second-hand bookshop in Bridport, I never leave empty handed! 

Cheery-bye blogger friends! I look forward to reading what you have been doing in the sunshine this week x x x


  1. Enjoyed your post,I would love to visit your part of the world.I so would have enjoyed the hat festival,esp.if I ended up in a used book store with a fun hat on.Finally,fall weather has come to southern CA.,so I'm getting real excited.

  2. gosh what a lovely time you have been having (not the flies) in the sunshine its been so amazing..
    Lynn xxxx

  3. How strange that you came to my home town when I am looking forward to coming down to yours again in a couple of weeks!!

    I worked all the weekend of the Hat Festival so I missed most of it, but the bit I did manage to see it was so lovely seeing so many people involved in something, really brings good old Bridders alive!! xx

  4. I'm off to Bridport next year and can't wait as it looks so pretty. I adore festivals such as the hat one, quirky and brings the community together. I must remember to find that second hand bookshop!

    sam x

  5. Hi Christine: Love all the hats - what a great idea for a Festival. Personally I would wear one often, but people just seem to stare, as if you are a bit "odd"!! Such a shame!
    The flies are just horrendous here - I had to close the doors on my sewing studio which is our conservatory and used almost a complete spray of fly killer - there were literally hundreds - the buzzing was so loud. Like wise in our two guest bedrooms - this morning I have to tackle the vacuuming up - ugh! I hate flies! I guess there has been many hatchings in this hot weather. Not nice.
    Love your blog! I must come down and find your shop, and you, - it would make a lovely day out. You can't be that far from me - Angie

  6. Love the pictures of the Bridport Hat Day - what fun everyone is having. I love hats, they just look a bit out of place in my village!
    The flies have been horrendous here too - my sewing studio, which is a conservatory, had hundreds in there yesterday - I sprayed then shut the door - the noise was deafening, not good. And the same in our guest bedrooms. Ugh - I hate flies. I guess the hot weather made them hatch.

    I love your blog Christine - I must take the time to have a day out soon and come and find you and your gorgeous looking shop - it cannot be too far from me.
    I ended up sitting on our front porch cross-stitching this weekend as the sewing studio was preoccupied with the flies - I am sewing Christmas stockings for various young people - such a fun thing to make. I will post pictures when I have completed 3 or 4!

  7. What a fabulous day and Percuil is one of my all time face places....my kids windsurf there on holidays

  8. Oh good job with the hats photos, I really enjoyed them! It sounds like the perfect days.

    I just joined you as a followers.
    Lorraine :-}

  9. Bridport looks lovely ide really like to go one day x

  10. It is quite fine for you to do a bit of back paddling. We all enjoy seeing and hearing what is going on!

    A pocketful of joy to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island