Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Wildflower delight

Every time I visit Godolphin this carpet of primroses growing between the cobbles by the wall just seems to get better and better.....

they are such pretty, simple flowers; one of my favourites.

Following the farm track away from the garden, I took a new path which led upward beside an old granite wall.....

 at the top, stepping stones set into the wall. I had not seen this form of stile before moving to this area.

Up on Godolphin Hill the heathland is punctuated by stunted trees sculpted by the wind.

And then the most unexpected thing: Anemones growing amongst the brambles and dry bracken fronds!

Such a delicate flower; it just seemed so incongruous to find them growing in such harsh surroundings, but they were everywhere; little clumps of them like drifts of snow....

Many trees are yet to show a tip of green, but this oak tree was burgeoning with limey yellow leaves unfurling from tightly packed buds

the bluebells are emerging too,

and fern fronds....

Another week or two and the bluebell woods will be at their best. If you're in the area, there is a Food and Craft Fair on at Godolphin on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May.

Happy Spring everyone! x


  1. Oh, what a place. Love your pictures, and I've never seen a 'carpet' of primroses before, now I know how they made cowslip wine and tussie mussies with them~

  2. On a grey, wet and cold morning it has been a delight to read your post and look at the photgraphs.
    In Galloway, Scotland, where my maternal family came from the little grave yard in the hills has steps like those - I loved to climb them when I was little, still do now when I go back.

    Diane. x

  3. How beautiful the wildflowers are...
    I could imagine little fairies hiding beneath the delicate blooms.
    Happy Spring to you too!

  4. Feels like I've just been on a fabulous walk through the countryside with you :) What gorgeous photos - thankyou :)

  5. Lovely post Christine I so look forward to reading your blog. Lynne x

  6. Wonderful photos!
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  7. What a fabulous landscape! What a pleasure it must be to be able to walk that path. Bluebell woods are the most magnificent sight - totally breathtaking - can't wait until they're up around here (Norfolk) too!

  8. I was there this afternoon - the anemones are spectacular and the patches of wood sorrel growing in the shade of the lone holly trees. Godolphin Hill - such huge rewards for a little effort.