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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday, 8 February 2013

A special time....

My man and I share the same birthday, which is rather lovely, and as it was our very first birthday together we decided to spend a few special days away in Paris. Our little studio apartment in The Marais was perfect, quiet and central, with lots to see within walking distance. I wanted to absorb the sights and sounds of being in a foreign city without being distracted by taking lots of photos, so I'm afraid there isn't much to show you. I did a bit of research before leaving as to whether there were any interesting shops and markets selling vintage/antique wares, and luckily our visit coincided with a two day antiques market in the Village St. Paul. I found some cute little cotton and linen baby blouses, and loads of great old postcards:

Quite often I buy postcards purely for the writing and the appearance of the back; I think French postcards have the most beautiful handwriting!

At the back of the market I spotted this charming trompe l'oeuil painting on a wall......

In the Rue St. Paul is the amazing shop 'Au Petit Bonheur la Chance', chock full of everything from vintage French pharmacy labels, enamel numbers, spindles of silk thread, vintage toys, fabric and ribbons.....

Just a few doors up was a darling shop simply called 'E.W.', a tiny space absolutely crammed to the ceiling with the most delicious things. I honestly would have bought EVERYTHING if I could, but what with the awful exchange rate at the moment with the Euro I just treated myself to an immaculate old glove box with a striking Art Deco design....

Of course I also had to visit the great Marche aux Puces de St. Ouen, and managed to find a number of little fabric flowers that weren't too expensive....

This sprig of striking blue leaves was my favourite purchase of the trip; I love the faded top leaves which reveal a brilliant shade of indigo violet beneath....

I will end this post with a (bit blurry) photo of the city of Paris spread out below us as we gazed upon the twinkling lights from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 

A very special memory for the both of us.


  1. Some beautiful finds - the post cards, especially are so lovely ... Paris holds special memories for me too - we spent our honeymoon there and I would dearly love to go back to visit the flea markets.

  2. I used to share a birthday with an ex-boyfriend, and now my husband's and my birthdays are exactly one month apart. I also used to live in the Marais, but only for three or four months. You found some lovely things.

  3. What lovely finds. And a lovely weekend so perfect.

  4. Thank you for sharing the loveliness!

  5. What a beautiful post, sounds like it was a perfect trip! Could you let me know where you stayed in Paris?

  6. It looks like a wonderful trip. You managed to find some beautiful treasures.

  7. Those blue leaves are so pretty;
    and the post cards~ Do the French have the best handwriting? I think so.....

  8. Oh, this sounds wonderful. Where did you stay? I love all your pretty little purchases ...
    M x

  9. I fell in love with Paris last summer while staying at Versaile and hope to return in the summer. Your trip sounds just perfect. My son has just spent a week in an apartment in the Beaubourg area near to where you stayed, I wasn't jealous, oh no no, oh yes!! x