Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

It's a wet and windy day here in Cornwall, so today I've stayed in and made up some fabric packs ready to take to The Cotswolds Vintage Fair next Saturday (see side bar). 

I love getting everything out onto the table and then assembling each pack with bits of fabric, lace, paper, ribbons, buttons and beads, all the while paying careful attention to matching colours together.

If you like the look of these packs but are unable to get to the Fair next week, I have listed four of them for sale right away on my website page here

Two images showing the front and back of Pack 1. £10

The front and back of Pack 2. £11

Pack 3. £12.50

Pack 4. £9

There are descriptions of the contents of each pack on the website.
I know the pictures on the website are pretty small, so hopefully putting these images up here will help you see them more clearly!

I don't wish my blog to merely become a shop window for promoting my products, but I hope you will forgive me from time to time advertising my new work on here. It all helps! 
Hope you're all having  a busy, fun, creative summer x x x


  1. ooh they look lovely Christine, the packs I mean.wish I could go to the Fair.Have a very good day.lots of love,Angelicaxxx

  2. Those packs look beautiful - I'll have a stall at the Fair on Saturday so I'll be able to say hello! - from another Christine x

  3. lovely! Hope the fair is going well. just spent an age looking through your inspiring pinterest pictures!
    best wishes