Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Annie's Garden

 Come with me on a tour of Annie's glorious garden.......

 outside the front door is a paved area with a bench and lots of pots, and Annie's painting studio lies just to the left.

A winding path then begins a gentle descent down through several terraces of grass lawns and flower beds.

The clever design means that you can never take in the whole garden at once, but are continually taken along paths and between hedges and through little wicket gates into different garden rooms.

Annie has a penchant for old galvanised watering cans and buckets; they sit dotted around the garden collecting rainwater. The old stove that used to be in the railway carriage now stands in the gravel garden by the greenhouse.

If you look closely some of the containers have sherds of pottery amongst the plants.....

The main area of grass is in front of the railway carriage.....

and below that is the productive kitchen garden. I picked fresh lettuce and rocket for my lunch each day.

Spending these few days here has been such a welcome retreat, a real delight for the senses.

Chris and Annie are currently setting up a website for 'Long Hill Carriage' Holidays @ www.longhillcarriage.co.uk
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I can thoroughly recommend!


  1. What a stunningly gorgeous garden. Frankly, I'm in awe and also very inspred. Thanks you for sharing.

  2. Looks amazing - thanks for sharing!

  3. What a magnificent garden - so beautifully kept too. I so envy you your stay there no wonder you enjoyed it.

  4. Wow what gardens .... It is stunning. I bet you have come away refreshed from here. Thank you for sharing this it has been great. x

  5. Glorious garden indeed! (just what mine might look like if I didn't have Avian delinquents free- ranging !)
    Thank you for sharing xxx

  6. The gardens are so beautiful and so extensive. I always wonder if someone with such large gardens have a gardener or do they do all the work themselves? Your holiday must have been so refreshing. Such a lovely lovely place.

  7. Thanks for the tour. Delightful place, how does she get it so perfect.

  8. Absolutly fabulous....a labour of love. Thank you for sharing. x

  9. This garden is truly amazing, it's easy to understand that there's an artistic spirit behind its creation and the kitchen garden is so fascinating, I'm feeling truly charmed by this lovely place, so much cared and loved !
    Thank you for sharing it all, I do believe that during these days your heart and your soul had grown reinvigorated and revived.
    Sending love and hugs

  10. What a beautiful place, I will be checking it out. Lovely photos, especially the last one, one a brilliant use for an old suitcase.

  11. A wonderful garden. Everything is very beautiful!

  12. wonderful garden and my mouth is watering.

  13. A gardener and artist paradise! Thanks for sharing.