Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

It was a bit wild in Portscatho today.....

but all was nice and cosy inside The Sea Garden. Lots of families came in with children bundled up in hats and coats; one little girl asked me if she could help make a bracelet, so for the next ten minutes she patiently threaded on one bead after another until Mum said it was time to go.

A recent find; some Enid Blyton books from 1950/51, bringing back happy memories of childhood for people of a certain age. On the shelf below, a collection of the first ten 'Famous Five' adventure stories, beginning with, ' Five on a Treasure Island'. 

Some more cards I've made using the little paper ships I found at an antiques fair, with recycled bits of old maps as a background.......

A Poole Pottery coffee set designed by Robert Jefferson in 1959 called 'Pebble'

A couple of Wendy's handmade dolls; one inspired by the 80's keep fit look wearing legwarmers, and the other very smart in a dark navy jacket and pearls!

So come in and sit yourself down and chat for a while, I'm sorry I can't offer you a cup of tea (my little shop has never been connected to a water supply, probably the only property left in Portscatho without water!), and we'll listen to the waves crashing and the whistling wind outside......


  1. Your dreamy shop amazes me more and more, dearest Christine, every post of yours is like a chapter of a lovely fairy tale, thank you for sharing all this wonder with us !

    Hope you're having the best of weeks,
    I'm sending hugs & love to you

    Xx Daniela

  2. Such a treat to at least visit virtually :)

  3. wow I love the chair in the last picture. Could you tell me how much it is please?

    1. Hi Sol,
      The chair is walnut upholstered in old linen grain sacking, and priced at £395. Very comfortable!

    2. I hope you still have the chair and are open at the beginning of January when we are back in Cornwall!