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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

I love winter!

I love this time of year. Christmas has been and gone, it's so quiet in the village that I only open the shop on a saturday, which means that the rest of the week I have the wonderful luxury of being able to 'play' with new ideas. Yippee! Cards are such good sellers, and it's nice to present something to the customer that they would never find on the high street. Whenever I'm making anything with textiles, all the cut ends of threads and every teeny, tiny scrap of discarded fabric gets put into this old sweet jar. This range of cards came about as a way of using up all those scrap ends - nothing gets thrown away here!

I have used old will documents as the background for each heart. The bits of thread and fabric are randomly scattered all over the document and sealed with a layer of glued tissue paper - a tricky process! After drying, I use various sized heart templates to draw the heart shapes and then cut them out. Each heart is then sewn directly onto the front of each card. A little linen button with a hand-stitched 'x' adds the final finishing touch.

Butterflies are a favourite theme of mine at the moment. By cutting out the butterfly images and then only sticking down the centre section you can bend their wings up and make them appear as if they are just alighting! Although these cards are printed, each one remains entirely unique as I am feeding the paper into the printer by hand several times to achieve a layering of text and pattern. The fabric I have printed from in this instance is a lovely 1930's floral.

It makes nice gift tags too!

I love to use old sepia toned photographs in my work.

The same girl appears in both these photographs, and I have more from the same album. She's always smiling, a very cheery sort!

A beautiful French 19th c fabric forms the background for this group.

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  1. Oh Chris, once again you had a wonderful idea, I absolutely love your new printing design. The cards are really unique! And I know that smiling girl very well, as she's looking at me everytime I sit down at my working desk. I can't wait to see your new work myself and buy some cards. You are so clever!
    And I love winter too :-))
    Big hug, Gertiexx

  2. Christine,

    These are so pretty. I love the palette, in all of them, especially the hearts. Gee, those fabrics........ exquisite

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous Christine. I can't bear to part with the heart cards I bought from you at the V&H fair. In fact I may need some more, and some of those lovely gift tags.

    Thanks for advertising the Dairy House Textile Fair. Might you be able to come?

    Sue x