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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Last wednesday was my 38th birthday, and yes I know that was almost a week ago, but I only went online for the first time on friday and I'm still getting to grips with this whole blogger thingy. It was a dull and mizzly day, so Jane and I decided on a trip out to Fowey. First stop was 'White Doll Arts' where Robert the potter sells his beautiful porcelain jugs, bowls and mugs.

The pretty colourful interior with pastel painted cupboards is right up my street.

Jane immediately gravitated towards the resident fluffy Maine Coon whilst I browsed the shelves.

It all proved too tempting, and I came away with two of the cute little stripey jugs from the window - thanks Nan for my birthday money!

What's in the box? This was my wonderful present from Jane,

an amazing little shoe!

Underneath you can make out the words, Grandpa Pritchards shoe, 1803

If only this shoe could talk, I wonder what tales it could tell of its owner, and the life he came to lead. Thankyou Jane for such a unique gift, it shall be treasured.


  1. Wheyy heyyy! At last we got you blogging!!! A lovely first post Christine, heres to many more. Lots of love, Jane xx

  2. Hurray!!! Well done, Chris. Welcome to the blogger world, you'll like it. I'm convinced that all your posts will be a delight for our eyes. It was worth pushing you! A big hug & much love too, Gertie xx

  3. merci pour citer Manon 21,je suis ravie de découvrir un nouveau blog.

    bonne journée


  4. Welcome to Blogland Christine!! Lovely to see you here!
    "Happy Birthday" for last Wednesday...sounds like you had a wonderful day with Jane. The little shoe pressie is adorable. I have some tiny bridesmaids shoes from the 1800's with a written note as to who they belonged too...don't you just love it when a small snatch of their history is recorded like that?...Hmmm...I feel a blog post coming on ;-))

    Thank you for your comment on my blog...wise words! ....and it means I have found you too, so will add you to my links now.
    Happy Blogging!
    Niki x

  5. Christine - at last! So glad you've joined us all in blogland and it all looks lovely!

    You obviously had a lovely birthday treat with Jayne - belated birthday greetings.

    Shall add you to my list of favourites without delay!

    Sue x

  6. I want to go to that pottery shop!
    The shoe is a dream.
    love it here!