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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Not long now.......

Not long now till 'Homespun' on the 8th August... if you haven't already, go to the Homespun Fair blog and check out the list of all the exhibitors who will be coming to sell their wares. This cheeky chappy will be found on my stall, alongside some vintage homewares and vintage clothing. Can't wait to see what everyone else will bring!

Last night I so enjoyed looking at Niki's blog from July 7th where she was installing a new cupboard in her kitchen, and consequently ended up shifting just about every other cupboard in the house to make way for it! Going through her lovely home she gave us tantalising glimpses into these cupboards and her wonderful collections of shoes, hats, china, brooches...........So I have decided to follow her lead and show you all a few cupboards of my own.

Later I will take you into the kitchen, but first.................

I found this little cutie at the Shepton Mallet antiques fair a few years back and decided that I just couldn't sell it. I keep jewellery inside the two little drawers, and some of my growing collection of flower corsages and a couple of pairs of tiny leather baby shoes in the main part. Are you familiar with the photographs of the pioneer Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron? Some of her amazing portraits can be seen in the background. She often depicted scenes from the poems of Tennyson using friends and servants as models. At an exhibition of Cameron's original photographs held at the National Portrait Gallery a few years back I was thrilled to see her interpretation of a scene from the poem 'The Gardener's Daughter' by Tennyson, a poem I have always loved. Her images are hauntingly beautiful and very romantic.

You can just make out a double page from an early edition of Kate Greenaway's Birthday book, with a little rhyming ditty for each day of the year.

Along the back wall of my studio sits a large Cornish dresser (Cornish because it has drawers underneath the glazed half instead of an opening cupboard).

I used to just keep my crockery and special glasses in here, but since the dining room became my sewing studio, all kinds of haberdashery effects have found their way in......

I haven't consciously arranged everything in this cupboard, it tends to evolve of its own accord as and when I acquire some new (old) piece that I just can't possibly part with......

Have you discovered the gorgeous wool shop in Islington called 'Loop' yet? Although I haven't knitted for some years now I just can't resist buying a few hanks whenever I go in there.

Bits of French lace and silk pastel ribbons, and more fabric corsages.......

A collection of hatpins

One of my pressed plant collages

Go and take a look at Viv's latest blog. She has been making wonderful brooches out of suspender attachments like these:

Mine are still awaiting a lightbulb of inspiration to go off in my head! (The said lightbulb is put there to inspire me to get inspired)

I love old tape measures don't you? I use this one regularly, as so many things are still given in inches these days.

Now onto the kitchen! Last winter I had the great pleasure of ripping out the last of the hideous fitted cupboards that ran along the side wall. The sink was moved to its new position at the end so that I can now actually reach my window, and the cooker fitted nicely where the sink used to be. Not an easy kitchen to work with as it's long and narrow, but oh so much nicer with old free-standing cupboards.

This cupboard holds my everyday range of plates and bowls and mugs. Most of the pieces pictured are made by a great potter called Peter Swanson. The delicious pale blue glaze comes from Japanese Knotweed of all things!

My other kitchen cupboard houses the dried goods in canisters such as sugar, pasta, couscous, peppercorns, herbs etc. and also my more special china plates and cups and saucers, mostly vintage of course!

I keep nutmegs in this little bird pot by Judith Rowe.

This beautiful jug that sits in the mixing bowls was given to me by my grandmother. On a label inside she had written, 'My great-grandmother used to keep her gold sovereigns in this jug'. So that means it belonged to my great-great-great grandmother.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of cupboards! I love to see what creative people surround themselves with, so please let me see inside some of your special cupboards sometime!

The other day when I was sitting at my work table, I suddenly heard a rumbling outside. I thought to myself, I know that sound, and I just had time to grab my camera and open the door.....

and sure enough a stonking great steam roller came thundering by at quite a fair old lick. Not long after the noise came again........

it's not everyday that not one, but two shiny steam traction engines pass right outside your front door! (I wonder how they managed to negotiate those wretched speed bumps....) x x x


  1. Christine....I could weep...all so achingly beautiful. you have such exquisite style and taste.
    See you soon. x

  2. Is your favourite colour pale blue by any chance? Your vintage finds are definitely treasures, I especially like your little leather shoes - I own two pairs myself which I think you would like as they're, you've guessed it, pale blue!

  3. Christine,

    Wonderful house, your kitchen things are so homey and Peter Swanson's pottery is amazing in every way, style, color, simplicity.

  4. Hi Christine...I should be on my way to work now, but have just discovered your gorgeous post! I shall be back this evening to savour every beautiful photograph properly...your collections are exquisite.
    Good luck for the weekend...I hope you all have a fabulous time,
    Niki x

  5. Christine, it's all beautiful. Let me know when you decide to part with your Cornish dresser!!!

    Have a super day tomorrow. I'm sure the day will be another great success. We're hoping to fix a couple of days away towards the end of the year to stay in/near Portscatho, so fingers crossed our plans work out!

  6. I have just found your very beautiful blog. And i just had to comment on these photo's they made me smile and feel very warm and cosy. Simply beautiful and yes i love to see inside someones cupboard especially when they love and collect vintage goodies. ;-))

  7. Exquisite items, so beautifully photographed! I imagine how nice it would be to have a cup of tea, on a foggy day, in your charming kitchen...