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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Trevoole Farm Garden

Last night at Jane's birthday party Sue Dove told us about this amazing garden that she had visited that afternoon, and so today Jane, Ian and I set off to see it for ourselves. It was open over the weekend under the National Gardens Scheme. The weather was not on our side alas, rather mizzly (typically Cornish), which meant that we couldn't sit on the wonderfully decorated tables and chairs artfully arranged around the garden. But it didn't hamper our enjoyment of the place one bit, for it was truly enchanting.............

In the 'patchwork potager' there was a rather ingenious use of old stairway banisters, and a fence of vintage cloths.

An outside 'lounge' with growing plants embedded into the armchairs

An old Morris with comfy mattresses for a lie down when the backache from digging gets too much

Meanwhile in the cosy summerhouse, tea and homemade cakes were being served

in vintage china cups of course!

A mouthwatering display of cakes and scones

Jane, Angela and Sue enjoying the atmosphere

Everything on display was vintage, beautifully and thoughtfully arranged without being predictable, and above all it felt homely

Turn a different corner and another delightful arrangement greets your gaze

Beth and Travis who own Trevoole Farm use the old farmhouse as a holiday let

The attention to detail inside is wonderful, a real home-from-home

Just look at the laundry room - all those vintage fabrics!!!!

The little back garden is delightful with palest pink roses overhanging the patio

and a table and chairs for dining al fresco

This is Beth at the entrance to her shop housed in one of the old stables

Yes, there is a shop selling vintage things as well! Can the place possibly be more perfect?

I don't think so........

Angela succombed to temptation and bought this green kitchen dresser

And I bought some of the lovely pottery; a jug, a mug and a cute little collander. The lovely lady who was manning the shop was actually holidaying in the farmhouse, and stayed on a few extra days to help out!

Angela having a slight panic about how much she's spent!

The old stable's cobbled floor and rough walls really give the shop a uniquely rustic air, I loved it!

Beth and Travis keep a few pigs in this sty, but unfortunately they were all asleep and out of sight

Another lovely outside seating area

This is the barn where Beth and Travis live, and they were very kind enough to let us nose about inside.....

A plethora of beautiful vintage fabrics everywhere, and I admired the way they had kept the barn's rustic character

The larder!

The laundry room!!!!

The wonderful homely kitchen/come sitting room

They have gone to such trouble sourcing all the authentic fittings

It is truly the most inspiring house and garden I have ever seen; I am still reeling from the visual feast for the eyes. I do hope you have enjoyed looking around too.


  1. I'm almost without words. (almost)
    Its so unpretentious, warm , inviting.
    What a treat! Thank you for taking, sharing and posting these wonderful pictures.
    Its going on my favorites.
    (I guess I found a few words afterall.)

  2. how wonderful place to visit!!! absolutely lovely.
    such an exciting garden.

  3. magical - no other word for it

  4. Good Lord! What an amazing place!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!
    I think I am going to have to make the journey to visit, it's so pretty and so many amazing details.
    What a place!

    Sadie at Flea xx

  5. This is a most amazing post! Thank you so much for sharing your day out! I will be looking at the site and would love to visit!
    Thank you once again!

    Sandie xx

  6. I simply adore this place.
    Like a step back in time.

    But wonderfully quirky and creative.
    Thank you for sharing it

  7. thank u soo much for the tour ...i yearn to come to cornwall now i know i MUST..and thank u for sharing ..lynnie in oz

  8. Wow what a fantastic post - inspirational! I shall have to come back later for a re-read!

  9. What a fabulous place, thank you so much for sharing it! (and tell Angela I want her green dresser!!!) Lizzie xxx

  10. Thank you for the wonderful post. I hope you don't mind I have linked this post on my blog. I just HAVE to go there.

    Thank you.

    Colette x

  11. wow, what an amazing place and such brilliant pics - i went through them twice as they were so lovely.

  12. Wow, what an amazing place! I found you through Jane's blog. I am now wondering if we can fit in a holiday to Cornwall this year..!

  13. What a fabulous place Christine....makes me want to go there too (in fact I want to LIVE there!)
    Thanks for showing us!

  14. You know, I should have been with you :-(
    Glad you all had such a wonderful day. Your photos and description is so mouth watering, what an inspiring place. We will visit that farm as soon as possible.
    See you all soon.
    Love, Gertie

  15. Oooo...Heaven is a place on earth!!!!
    Thank you soooo much Christine for sharing sooo many beautiful photos of such an enchanting place...Can I come with you next time?!!!

  16. I really AM speechless- I started looking while eating my porridge and have stayed for 3 cups of tea
    Thankyou so much for showing us

  17. Well!!!!!! what more can be said ??? amazing some sort of vintage heaven ! well I should think after your wonderful blog they will be booked solid best wishes Linda

  18. What a visual feast- truly inspirational Christine!!! Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful day- I will have to make a trip to Trevoole Farm someday soon.

  19. OH-MY-WORD!!!
    I would visit this place just to have a peek at the beautiful larder, but with everything else on top they would definitely have a hard job getting rid of me!


  20. Words fail me . . it's gorgeous!!

  21. Oh my goodness! this place is heaven, thank you so much for sharing. Joy

  22. What an incredible place.....every picture is a joy to my vintage loving eye! I could move in tomorrow....
    Julie x

  23. I've just come across your blog. What a wonderful place, I enjoyed your post and all the lovely pictures. All those vintage treasures it must have been difficult to know where to look first.

  24. Helen at Rosies Armoire told me about this wonderful post ………wow what a time you had and what a lovely place to visit,its now on my wish list.Go take a peep at Helens blog she is having a free giveaway

  25. I have never seen your blog before, so what an amazing post for my first visit. I'm not a terribly 'vintage' person, always having preferred antiques to vintage/retro, but if anything can 'sell' vintage to me, this could! I always tend to think that buying vintage is a reversion (or regression) to childhood, we're playing out our Enid Blyton inner selves (not that that is any bad thing!) Whereas antiques are for grown ups! But I just love the way people (and I would think they're 99% women) use vintage items in ways in which they would never have been originally used, and with great panache. I really admire the ways in which vintage items are now being used and are being given a new lease of life - zinc baths for flowers, for example - surely this is what is meant by recycling!
    Margaret P

  26. I just found your blog and am excited to begin following it.

    Absolutely delightful! I so enjoyed your photos of this charming home and garden!

    Thank you,

  27. I love your pictures, I was able to visit Cornwall a few years ago, and thought it was lovely. Looking at your pictures made we feel as if I was there again or reading a book about your lovely country. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Christine
    what a gorgeous post (again). How are you keeping well I hope...your things look fabulous, must come and see you xxx
    Lots of hugs
    Lynn x