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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Favourite Spot

When Mr.T came to meet me off the ferry 'Scillonian' from my trip to St. Martin's, we drove to one of my favourite Cornish spots to spend a couple of nights in his camper van. A wonderfully quiet field at Treen became our home, and the following day we set off bright and early to walk the coast path from Penberth to Porthcurno.

The cove is now owned by The National Trust and so protected from unsightly development. A cluster of traditional Cornish cottages (some of which can be rented for holidays), a babbling brook and a granite slipway with working fishing boats are all that you'll find here.

The PZ stands for Penzance and the white cross on a black background is the Cornish flag.

Continuing our walk we climb up the cliff, and are rewarded with a bird's eye view down onto the Cove

We watch as one of the two fishermen lands his boat. I wonder what he's caught today?

Soon the famous 'Logan Rock' is in sight, a huge granite boulder balanced on this rocky outcrop which it is said can be 'rocked' to and fro if pushed in just the right place. 

Then, oh what a beach comes in to view.....there cannot be many more beautiful pieces of coastline anywhere in the world!

In the distance, Porthcurno Beach and the incredible Minack Theatre above, carved out of the cliff face by the remarkable woman Rowena Cade. (sorry it's not really visible from my photograph)

Pednavadn beach is only accessible by a rather precipitous cliff path, and as such you can be sure there won't be too many other people down there.

Looking down onto Porthcurno beach you could see the sand beneath the water so clean and clear

It was an idyllic summer's day spent with one I love, a day to remember.


  1. I quite enjoyed that day too , thank you!
    I just fancied swimming from one little beach to the next after seeing one of your photos.... one can dream!

    Sandie xx

  2. Lovely pics, looks like you had a wonderful day.
    Pene x

  3. Wonderful photo's, this is the nearest I will get to see Cornwall this year! :0(

  4. gosh I wished I was there up to my knees in sea..and some sunshine..lovely post Christine

  5. Another lovely post.
    The beaches, rocks and sea remind me so much of Brittany and of course they both have black and white flags, linked in so many ways, the Cornish and the Bretons.

    Diane. x

  6. Your pictures are beautiful, you really wouldn't want to be anywhere else would you?

  7. That stretch of coast path is one of my favourite walks. And I absolutely love Penberth - it's a fantastic spot for foraging rock samphire and wild mustard! I've never stayed at the Treen campsite (because we live fairly nearby), but have always wanted to taste the 'raw' milk from the farm shop. Did you have any?

  8. Hello,

    found your blog and love it !!!

    We went to Porthcurno and Pencanze a few years ago , also Minac theater...it was great !!!! One of my favourite places in the world ...
    Thanks for the pictures ...makes me dreaming..
    Have a nice week ,

    best wishes from rainy Germany,

  9. Great photos from your great country !
    Love ♥RINI♥

  10. I agree - Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places this country has to offer. Love your photos of the Scilly's too. You have a lovely blog that I have only just found. I'll be back to have a proper look later! M x

  11. How beautiful... the beach is absolute heaven.
    Hope you're enjoying your Summer.

  12. It looks so beautiful! just got back from visiting North Devon and I'm missing it already!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  13. I've been here. What a beautiful place it is.

  14. Aren't we lucky to live in Cornwall? Beautiful photos of such special places x

  15. Fantastic photos Christine. It makes me yearn for better weather, a free day, a picnic, time with my loved one. So glad you had a wonderful day sweetie x

  16. Oh heavenly turquoise sea - wonderful Christine, love Porthcurno and the Minack - be there soon thanks for the gorgeous appetiser,

    Sarah x

  17. Oooh, simply beautiful. Thank you for the virtual travel :)

  18. Breathtaking photos!! What a delight to see!! Thank you so much for sharing such beauty with us.
    Have fun!!

  19. Hi Christine,
    Gorgeous photos of Cornwall...Just back from our trip and loved every minute...Thanks for making me so welcome in your beautiful shop - I LOVE my purchases...
    Have to be back at work today though :( ...so must fly.
    Have a great week,
    Niki x

  20. Dear Christine,

    I was SO THERE with you on all the trails, smelling the land and the sea, watching the fishing boats.

    Loved this dip into another life.

    A pocketful of joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. wow what a fantastic place to live, makes me want to up sticks and move from this urban existence.
    Hi from a new follower
    Gill x