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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Stitching again......

 A few pics of my latest makes!

Little pouches filled with lavender, some of which I collected from Mum's garden earlier in the summer....

Hang them in your wardrobe to scent your clothes or by your bed to aid your sleep.

A little peek into one of my cupboards where I keep a few of my favourite vintage finds....

and on the shelves of an old toy dresser a couple of things I bought at The Country Living Fair back in March; a porcelain cup and saucer imprinted with lace made by Amanda Mercer, and the cutest felt lamb made by Mary Kilvert, who had a stand opposite from me at the Fair and I just couldn't resist taking this little fellow home!

 The delightful card with the bunny writing a letter is an illustration by Claire Fletcher, oh how I love her paintings!

Squeal! I have had these two old bears (Billy and Monty) for about two years now, and the folding bed for longer than that, but I have only just got round to making some bedding for the little dears!

A mattress made from some wadding and a bit of old blanket, some more old blanket for a coverlet and the centrepiece of a 19th Century English quilt for the top, plus a little pillow made from hand-dyed linen.

Billy and Monty will be coming with me to be sold at The Cotswold Vintage Fair next Saturday!

I also have this other little doll's bed for sale, which has an original hand-stitched quilt, circa 1890.

After five days of almost continuous rain the sun decided to come out this afternoon!!!!!, so I took a walk up to the top of Tregonning Hill.......

The path was so overgrown it was almost impassable in places.

Gorse and heather, bracken and bramble......
Dark peaty puddles, the mud sucking at my wellies.

 Looking to the north west, with St. Ives in the distance......
From the top you can see the whole sweep of Penzance Bay with St. Michael's Mount and Mousehole, and to the south the satellite dishes of Goonhilly Earth Station on The Lizard. 

Also on the top, an old quarry with the following sign: 

This is what the Preaching Pit looks like today

 As well as being steeped in Cornish mining heritage the area is also the site of the first discovery of china clay:

It is so calm and peaceful on Tregonning hill now; the only person I saw on my two hour walk was a guy on a mountain bike!

Hope the sun is shining for you too, wherever you are x


  1. I adore the expression on Billy and Monty's faces, especially the little one in blue - how can you bare to part with him! Love the lavender sachets and sneaky peek at your treasures.


  2. Christine, those lavender pillows are so lovely. Your choice and combination of fabric and embellishment are perfect.
    That lace cup and saucer is so pretty. And the china clay! I think they must of coached that up to Staffordshire where all the potteries were? Wonderful post.

  3. What a delightful post and thank you for all the information we gleaned from it (both ex-RAF hubby and I enjoyed it!).
    A warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  4. This is a little like the view you get from Trencrom - further down towards St Ives and Hayle - I used to live in a valley there and so this landscape looks so familiar!!
    What were the little handles on your pouches orginally used as? Were they crayons or wooden spools?

  5. Oh my gosh I love your pouches! They're too cute! Really lovely...

  6. How beautiful your lavender cushions are.

    I was also wondering what the wooden hangers were originally?

    Fleur xx

  7. Good to see you on Saturday. I have a lovely photo of the bears. I see that they sold fairly early on in the fair! Lizzie

  8. I beautiful post, what a talented lady you are! I've pressed the follow button so I can keep up to speed with all this loveliness! Ada :)

  9. In answer to your question about the little hangers Beach-combing Magpie and Fleur Cotton - they are old wooden handles with heavy duty wire running through that were given out to customers by various French shops to help carry heavy shopping bags: the round smooth handle was a lot more comfortable to hold and several bags could be hung off the same handle. Also each shop would print their name on it as a bit of promotional material. Very sensible I say! I think shops should start giving them out again!

  10. If you get any more 19th C medallion quilts or tops Please contact me before you cut!! I'll buy them.(I'm serious)