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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Big changes afoot!

Don't forget - this Sunday, 5th August, the HOMESPUN SUMMER FAIR in Portscatho!
Doors open at 10am, entry is free. Ends at 3pm
Tea and homemade cakes sold in aid of The Cornwall Wildlife Trust, all made by the stallholders.
20 different traders and makers in one venue selling an array of vintage and handmade delights, not to be missed!

Sorry for my absence......I guess I have been taking a bit of a holiday from blogging......
As you may recall from my post last winter I have been wanting (needing) to make changes in my life, and it was all set in motion with the selling of my cottage in February. Now I am happily settled into my new quiet village life and loving the countryside around me. The next move was buying a camper van, which I have been dreaming about for the last three years. A couple of weeks ago I picked it up from the garage, a commercial five-year old VW Transporter T5 van which has been converted into a camper to my own specifications, and I can tell you it's everything I dreamed it would be! My first trip was up to Dorset to camp for a few days with my brother and his family. Fortunately the day we left the awful weather ended and there followed a solid week of sunshine; what bliss after that unspeakably dreadful start to the summer!

I have also handed over the running of The Sea Garden to Gertie, helped by Patsy and a new lady, Wendy, so that I can enjoy a summer break for the first time in 13 years! And the big news is that Gertie has decided that she would like to officially rent the shop from me starting in September. This is what I hoped might happen, as I have known for a few years now that I no longer wished to carry on running the shop myself, but I knew that Gertie was the only person I wanted to take over the mantle as it were. The Sea Garden will continue to sell all the things it has become known and loved for, and the commitment that Gertie, Patsy, Jane, Angelica, Wendy and I have to making and sourcing all the vintage and handmade goods will not change. My work will still be available for sale in the shop. Speaking of which, here are some pics of my latest makes, which will be on sale in the shop soon.......!

A trio of vintage charm and bead lariat necklaces on knotted leather,

and a couple of little charm necklaces on chains.
The lovely old Dickins and Jones box came from the Antiques Arcade on the seafront in Lyme Regis, where I also found these beautifully crafted wooden fishing net needles. I thought they might be rather nice as a base for winding vintage lace or ribbon around. Always looking for alternative ways of presenting goods for sale!

Thank you dear friends for your continued support as followers, even when I don't blog very regularly!
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  1. Well done you, Christine, for getting your camper van together and just going for it! A good friend of mine has done similar, and has just returned from 2 weeks touring between old friends...down in Dorset! Small world!

    And also on your courage to take the step of relinquishing the reins of your shop..it's a shame for me as I have enjoyed our (short) spell of doing business, but I wish you all the very best in the next phase of your life; I hope you have a lovely summer!

  2. Hi
    It is right to follow your heart and so glad you have been able to. Really looking forward to having my first stall on Sunday at the Homespun Summer Fair, look forward to meeting you.

  3. It sounds like all your plans have come together! Have a wonderful summer in your new home.

  4. Looking forward to more blog posts. Your artistic side obviously wanted to come out and I hope you will have tons more time now to create !! Very jealopus of your camper van- what fun!

  5. Lots of changes! Hope it all works out for you.
    Please keep blogging xxxx