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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Thursday, 7 March 2013


Oh My! I've just discovered Pinterest, and I confess I'm now addicted......It all started when I found Lynn B from Sea Angels' pin boards, so delicious! I don't know about you, but I constantly crave visual imagery to inspire me, which is why I love browsing through magazines, visiting art and craft galleries and reading other creative blogs. Pinterest is like one never-ending visual store-cupboard from which you can 'harvest' your favourite images and keep them as reference material. I'm in heaven!

To that end, I have created 14 pin boards of my own:

1. Handmade Inspiration

2. Colour mood board

3. Haberdashery

 4. Antique textile heaven

5. Retro style

 6. Paintings, drawings and illustrations

7. Hearts

8. Stitched Treasures

 9. Paper ephemera, books and journals

10. Old and Worn

 11. Beautiful Imagery

 12. Jewellery

13. Clothing and Accessories

 14. Shells

 I've added a 'Pinterest' link to my sidebar if you fancy a gander, and I would love to know if you have pin boards of your own, or can recommend your favourites - leave me a message! 

 Happy pinning! x


  1. I Love Pinterest, its very addictive to my creative soul...I cant wait to check out your boards...Im KazzyLoves on there ;0)

  2. Beautiful images, I daren't go on myself, goodness knows how addicted I'd get! :) x

  3. Oooh yes I have just become a recent addict too :-) will look forward to browsing your boards
    Sophie x

  4. I love pinterest for the same reasons that you do! I am going to follow your boards!:)

  5. oh I love pinterest too but I have to be very strict with how often I go on it because its so easy to get lost for hours and get inspiration overload! I'll go have a peek at your boards later ! :)

  6. Hello to you.
    I have Pinterest so hope you'll have a look at mine and I'll certainly be checking yours.
    Its like always having a new magazine.


  7. Lovely pins.
    Yes there should be a warning upon entering Pinterest to enter with caution... extreme caution.
    Susan x

  8. Ah oh! Another addict, hee hee. I'm addicted too, it is naughty and indulgent, but as you say it is a vast resource for inspiration and note taking. I must see if i can find you on there ..... enjoy! Minerva ~

  9. I think its a good addiction to have Christine...I started pinning about a month or so ago and was hooked by day one! I'll enjoy visiting your boards, as I always admire your taste in hand crafted items and your vintage finds. :)

    Happy Pinning!
    Niki x

  10. Oh how lovely, I love doing pinterest, Its like having your own delicious magazine with all the pictures you really want ha ha .
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  11. I don't pin myself, but do spend more time than I should looking at all the eye-candy. I have to say I recognise one or two items which I have 'liked' myself! Beware, it can be addictive!

  12. Lovely! I'm addicted to Pinterest I have to say. I'm off to see your boards.x

  13. I too, have only recently discovered Pinterest - your images are amazing - so beautiful and inspiring.

  14. Yes, it's wonderful isn't it? I have just had a good old snoop around your boards!! You have wonderful taste!!
    H xx

  15. I'll bet your choices are the very best,
    I am going to dive in soon too
    Wonderful things!

  16. I have just discovered the joy of pinterest this week, i am addicted already! x

  17. I know I will be addicted..so having to resist as there are not enough hours in the day as it is!! Lizzie