Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I have built up a little collection of handmade Victorian and Edwardian sleeves. 

Some are still in pairs and others I have only one.

Such painstaking work and attention to detail is quite astonishing to our eyes today.

We seem to have lost so much in our modern dress in terms of beauty, delicacy and feminine allure.

Just imagine what it must have felt like to wear such precious garments......


  1. It is hard to imagine wearing such delicate dress. I think I would always feel like I was going to ruin the beautiful garments. I do believe it effects ones manners and poise in wearing such nice clothing. How lovely your collection is.

  2. They're so fabulous, Christine, I truly won't be able to choose, I do love sleevs, especially Victorian and Edwardian ones !
    Thank you for sharing and for made me dream for a little, my dear friend
    I hope your week is flowing serene and joyous.

    Sending much love and hugs

  3. I've only recently found your blog and have read it from start to finish over the last few weeks. THANK YOU. You've certainly made a magical space in cyber space, lovely pictures, words, poems and music. All simply brilliant. Thanks again.

  4. These are exquisite, so delicate, really lovely items to own Thanks for showing them. The 3rd one down is lovely

  5. davvero una cura ed una ricercatezza incredibile e impossibile da trovare ai giorni nostri!

  6. Beautiful garments..a very special thing to collect. Lizzie x

  7. What a beautiful collection to own. I love your blog and all the posts and pictures you include. Vicki x 💕

  8. I recognise a few of those Christine ;) they look much better now you have them!!!!! xx