Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Today I've been harvesting my lavender, and it felt like I'd turned a little corner of Calstock into the South of France. Such a fragrance.......

I planted five lavenders in the gravel outside J's flat last spring and they enjoy full sun all day long, so perfect conditions. I may sell some of it in bunches in the shop, and the rest shall be dried for future use in lavender cushions. How do you like to use your lavender?


  1. You have to know that I do love lavender and so do my friends, for whom a little bunch of is ia a beloved gift ... sometimes I use a few flowers to decorate little packets, and put what remains in big bunches inside an old basket I have in our porch once used for taking to the market the loaves of bread, cooked in the old owen outside the house, of course !
    I appreciate lavender also as mothball in the wardrobes and in our pantry, but think what a foolish am I, for this use I go to buy it :) !!

    Have a wonderful Summer in your beautiful Land and your enchanted shop,
    sending dear love

  2. Your blog is beautiful and I so enjoyed my visit today.