Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Snowy Lane

 The snow we had a couple of weeks ago was blizzard-like and not at all pleasant to be out in, but today the snow came floating down in huge flakes and coated everything with an icing so perfect, it was a fairytale.
 I took a walk down the lane where I live, and looked over the gates into fields of whiteness.
 Such a lovely feeling came over me as I walked and marvelled at the beauty of it all; every leaf and branch coated in its own little blanket of snowflakes.


  1. Wonderful snow pictures. Here in Denmark we also had snow and rough weather but now it is just very cold at night time.
    Hugs from Lina

  2. they are so pretty, not quite the same in penryn.i wish i had ad that walk with you C.x

  3. lovely pics, it is so pretty but I'm tired of it, the urge to garden is real!