Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday 14 July 2014

Wash day

 My washing line was looking very Victorian today, with several pairs of bloomers, a camisole, frilly shirt and two pairs of handmade sleeves. Some of these I wear and some will be for sale. A good wind meant that they were dry in half an hour.

I have started to plant up some containers for the terrace outside my bedroom. It gets full sun for most of the day, so anything I put out there needs to be able to withstand hot, dry conditions, especially when I go away and I'm not there to water. 

So things like lavender, sage, thyme, sedums, Bladder campion, pinks, Tanacetum, succulents and any silvery leaved plants should do pretty well. I'm also avoiding anything that snails eat! I've used old galvanised buckets and other containers recently found at antique fairs. 

 Alongside the wall I've put this large galvanised tub and planted it with two old fashioned roses: 'William Shakespeare' and 'Mary Rose', both of which smell heavenly; plus a few other pink and white flowered plants. I so enjoy going out onto my terrace in the morning and seeing how things are growing, I don't think I could live without a garden of some sort. In another life I would like to be a garden designer.......

Back in the studio I've been messing around with bits again....

It's great to keep a jar for all those little offcuts that would otherwise get thrown away.

 I experimented making a garland....

 and then moved on to some hearts stuffed with thistledown and home-grown lavender......

I hope you are all enjoying your summer x x x