Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Wednesday 26 September 2018

A glorious day. The promise of a beautiful still evening. After closing the shop I decided to drive up to Chapel Porth on the North coast to cook supper in the van and watch the sun setting over the sea.

 The tide was in and waves were crashing on the rocks. There is an energy to the sea on the North coast that seems absent on the South, except during storm conditions. Watching the waves like this makes my heart dance.

This is the view of the cove as I sat in the van cooking my fish supper. Not another person in sight. Gradually the golden light faded until I could no longer see the sea. But I could still hear it. The sound of the sea after dark seems amplified in proportion to one's diminished sense of sight. It is a continuous low thundering pounding heartbeat of remorseless energy. And I love it. x