Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday 19 April 2019

 Happy Easter weekend everyone!
 The Spring flowers are out in all their glory now in Cornwall. Last week I visited Godolphin.....
Beneath the ancient apple trees and all amongst the grass were snakeshead fritillaries and primroses

Inside the potting shed......
 cobwebs and nests
New buds emerging......
 verdant mossy banks
I climbed up Godolphin Hill and walked barefoot right round the perimeter, sensing the cool grass and the warm granite of the rocks as I trod. I lay under an oak tree, so stunted in its growth by the wind that I could rest my feet on its lowest branch and gaze up though the latticework of branches to the bluest of blue skies above.
My dear Dad passed away a month ago. These last few weeks have been a time of great sadness, and  reflection; of memories and gratitude for all that he gave to us, and the wonderful life that we shared together. x