Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday 19 April 2019

 Happy Easter weekend everyone!
 The Spring flowers are out in all their glory now in Cornwall. Last week I visited Godolphin.....
Beneath the ancient apple trees and all amongst the grass were snakeshead fritillaries and primroses

Inside the potting shed......
 cobwebs and nests
New buds emerging......
 verdant mossy banks
I climbed up Godolphin Hill and walked barefoot right round the perimeter, sensing the cool grass and the warm granite of the rocks as I trod. I lay under an oak tree, so stunted in its growth by the wind that I could rest my feet on its lowest branch and gaze up though the latticework of branches to the bluest of blue skies above.
My dear Dad passed away a month ago. These last few weeks have been a time of great sadness, and  reflection; of memories and gratitude for all that he gave to us, and the wonderful life that we shared together. x


  1. Hi Christine- Happy Easter to you and your Family. Lovely photos there at Cornwall. We lost our Mum back in 1980, Dad in 1993 and my Brother in 2005...if it is any help- they are always with us each and every day...this Easter especially reminds me of Mum as a youngster- Mum and I would visit our Presbyterian Church here at Campbelltown for Special Easter Services...although many decades ago now- the memories are very strong indeed- a special time of year. Regards. KEV.

  2. Happy Easter to you Christine. The Weather in DK is wonderful. Almost like Summer.
    I'm sad to hear about your fathers passing. I Hope your heart and soul Will be healed. Thanks for wonderful pictures. Hugs from Lina

  3. I'm sorry you've just lost your dear Dad, Christine. It's so important to reflect and remember all the good memories. (I lost my beloved Dad two and a half years ago.) It doesn't make the hurt go away, but it eases it. Sending a big hug x

  4. My sympathy to you in your time of loss. Nature is a healing balm. May it continue to enfold you in its comfort.

  5. Christine, I hope you are keeping well and come back to your blog soon. I am sure I am not the only one to miss your posts. Sometime when we lose someone dear, it takes a while to get back into things again. Best Wishes.