Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Small and cute...

 The weather was a bit wild today so I stayed in and made cards this morning. Most of the pieces I collect on the beach end up in my shell collages, but I also have lots of tiny shells and pieces of sea-glass and pebbles that are just too small for that. So I decided to do a series of little arrangements on cards, which people can frame up, if they want to.
So many different shades of blue and green and clear glass!

 On a larger scale I have just completed my first noticeboard; an idea that I've had brewing for a couple of years now (sometimes it takes that long for an idea to come to fruition!)
A sea navigation chart is stuck onto a piece of foam board so that cards and photos and notes can be pinned onto it, as desired. I found the frame in a second-hand shop, almost exactly the same size as the chart; how lucky was that! I've embellished it with a swag of vintage fabric bunting stitched on and a few pictures from magazines. Simple!
 My collection of succulents and ferns grows ever larger. I love it when I find a new variety that I like the look of; it's all in the shape of the leaves. And I'm having fun finding nice pottery containers to put them in. So nice to have something living in the house, and they don't require much care and attention.
The days are getting longer now; hurrah, Spring is here!