Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday 14 June 2010

Hello friends.... For those of you who follow this blog but have not visited my little shop by the sea, I thought I would post up a whole load of pics to show you how the shop's looking at the moment......

My 'jars of inspiration', full of vintage fabric scraps, lace, ribbon, buttons; everything you need to create some unique little thing to cherish.

The white and pale blue dresser....

Gertie's crocheted purses, just the perfect size for a mobile phone!

The 'Nature's Purest' range of organic babywear and gifts

Some of Julia's (Midsummer Stitches) gorgeous corsages

The patriotic red, white and blue dresser

The nostalgic childhood window

One of Patsy's delightful handmade notebooks and Jane's hand-stamped gift label cards

Hope you've enjoyed the little tour! If there's something you've spotted that you'd like to know more about, just email me.

Next week I'm off on my annual hols to The Scilly Isles; I look forward to sharing some pictures with you again soon.


  1. absolutely beautiful!! <3
    i could live in a shop like yours.

  2. The seagarden is looking beautiful as always christine.
    Have a wonderful holiday! x

  3. So cute so lovely.....well done

  4. Your shop is so lovely and is mentioned by many bloggers which makes this Cornish girl ashamed to admit to not having visited yet! Will put that to rights. Enjoy your holiday x

  5. soooo truly beautiful ;0)
    love the tour of your shop- i must come and visit it...what a delightful place for us mermaids to seek treasures hehe x
    p.s i did wonder how much the little red roof fabric house was in the last piccys? i would be interested in buying it ;0)

    x kazzy x

  6. Wow Christine, your shop is looking fantastic! I don't know how you can bear to part with the beautiful treasures you have picked up on your travels.


  7. Hi Kazzy,
    The little red roof fabric house is in fact a 1930's Tea Cosy, in immaculate condition and with different embroidered windows and flowers front and back, just like a real cottage! It is quite small, it would only fit over a one/two cup teapot, but so lovely just to display. It is priced at £24.

  8. O'h that was lovely, i really do admire your work,and the work of others that you stock. I live miles away and would love to visit, but have such enormous workloads at present it does not look as is i can...Thanks for sharing S x

  9. I love it all!Wish there was a shop like yours in the Netherlands!!!!!
    Many dutch greetings,Anita.

  10. Hi Christine, I've just returned home from Portscatho after a lovely week... and especially enjoyed visiting your shop! (and my purchases!)I'll try to get a post up with a link later this week.

  11. oh how I wish Cornwall was closer to Australia. Thanks for the look into your shop and your world. It is all so beautiful.

  12. The shop looks beautiful, have a lovely holiday x x