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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Thursday 26 April 2012

Farm Fresh!

This morning I drove to my nearest farm shop to stock up on some fresh fruit and veg, so much nicer than heading for the boring supermarket. I found they had everything I needed; plus the most glorious bunches of ranunculi - I just couldn't resist and bought two lots....

...... they are brightening up the whole house with their beauty!

The farm shop also had fresh homemade pasties, something else I couldn't resist.....the smell of a warm pasty is sooooo mouthwatering! I had to drive round doing the rest of my chores with that tempting smell in my nostrils.

In my family it's always been traditional to eat pickled onions and chutney with our pasties - quite delicious!

One of my chores was to pick up a film from the developers (when I want to take 'proper' photographs I still use my good old SLR camera with roll film). I realised that the film had been in the camera since last July!!! so it was a nice surprise to find out just what was on there.... 

  Last July I spent a few days up in Sussex, and one of those lovely days was spent at The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton. Luckily I also took a load of photos on my digital camera so I can share them with you now.....

The Museum is a wonderful collection of traditional old buildings from Sussex and the surrounding area that have been transplanted brick by brick, timber by timber, from their original location where they were in danger of falling down, to their present home, nestled in a valley among fields and hedgerows, where they can be preserved and enjoyed as a window onto our past.

Inside the humble cottages and grander manor houses are replicas of the furniture and household utensils that would have been used

Outside the gardens have been laid out and planted with all those traditional cottage garden flowers, herbs and medicinal plants, as well as vegetables and fruit bushes and trees

There were only a handful of other people wandering around the day I was there, it was so peaceful, warm, sunny and green; a perfect English summer scene.....

Ramshackle workshops and barns are also part of the museum experience,

showing the tools of trades long since gone..... 

 and farming implements.....

 .....happily some of which are still used to carry out work in the fields at the Museum. This shire horse was seen earlier in the day cutting the hay.

A threadbare jacket hanging in a real shepherd's hut....

the sheep were so cute!

The Victorian potting shed,

and the Victorian Schoolroom......

Probably my favourite interior was that of a railway worker's cottage, circa 1910; it really was like stepping back in time inside someone's private home whilst the owner has just popped out.....the furniture and fittings have been lovingly put together, and there are no signs saying 'Don't touch' - you are free to pick up the objects and sit on the chairs....

 The Parlour....

The Pantry.....

An old mangle in the lean-to....

 The colour on the walls in the main bedroom is just so uplifting!

A rag rug on the floor and a potty under the bed,

and a gorgeous patchwork quilt.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour! 
There are some wonderful events going on at the Museum throughout the year, go to 
and I hope you too will be able to go and experience six centuries of our rural heritage. 


  1. yes I've been there a long time ago. I think they've added to it since then. What lovely memories. I can smell your pasty

  2. I enjoyed the tour very much, thank you! Wish I could go there in person! :D

  3. Beautiful photos, Christine, hmm, there MUST have been some sunny days last summer then!

    And those ranunculi - I think they are , alongside anemones, my favourite flowers. I don't think I've ever seen such a variety of colours though, beautiful.

  4. Lovely pics of the museum, Lyndy is visiting there soon as there is a story writing competition, she is entering, to be based of any one object in the whole museum and it looks like she is going to be spoilt for choice! I would love to go there too one day. I miss you being just up the road, it always feels funny going to Probus and passing your little house and your not there! Hope to see you soon, XXX

  5. Loved all the photos.
    The pasty sure looked yummy!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. A lovely post to read and wonderful evocative photographs too, thank you.


  7. What a lovely post...The museum looks wonderful, looks like a wonderful day!!

  8. Oh how fabulous...you could have come for tea! One of my very favouritest of places and so gorgeous to see it through eyes...I am planning to take the Littles in the summer, can't wait now!
    Have a lovely weekend Christine,
    Sarah -x-

  9. I had such a lovely time checking out your photos I just had to say thank you!
    Two years ago we were home trying to figure out how to come back to the US (airports closed due to Icelandic volcano activities) and it was such a challenging time we missed out on many things! I am definitively putting this one on my list for next time (This year will see a new roof on our humble island abode so sadly, no going home for us).
    Again thank you (feeling homesick right now) and looking forward to see more of the Mermaid's Tale!

  10. It's been a delight to visit your blog! Wonderful photos taken from good angles.
    Re the first photo of the veg ... we now have a weekly delivery of a small fruit & veg box from Abel & Cole. I can recommend this, it's not the cheapest way to shop but the produce is lovely and fresh and organic. Riverford Organic also deliver to most parts of the UK. Do try either of these companies (or perhaps you might have a local delivery box system) if you want regular produce brought ot your door. Abel & Cole and Riverford Organic each offer a slightly different scheme, but both are excellent.
    Magaret P

  11. thank you both for making our day at Lizzies so special.I wish you well in all you do. from hesta

    1. Hi Hesta! Yes your comment has arrived - it works! Angelica and I had such fun at Lizzies, and meeting you and Beth on wednesday was so nice - you have such a special friendship you three! I'd really like to keep in touch, and hope to meet up again sometime soon x x x

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