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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

What I'd Love!

Vintage charm safety pin brooch

Now that I'm not devoted to running the shop any more, I have finally got round to addressing the issue of improving my presence on the 'What I'd Love' shopping website, which The Sea Garden has been part of for some years now. I will be the first to admit I have been woefully inept at keeping my online pages up-to-date and interesting, but I am determined from now on to include a lot more of my own hand-made items, so here are a few pics of new things currently for sale on the site - 

Lariat style necklace with vintage charms

Stitched heart cards

Glass chandelier drop decorations

Details from two hand-embroidered lavender pouches

Vintage Fabric Pack

Lovely 'Savon de Marseille' French soap

I haven't made these boxes myself but they and the little heart tags are both hand-made in Cornwall.

Victorian Silver Scrollwork Pendant on Silk Ribbon

I would really appreciate some feedback from you my friends, and I would be honoured if you would visit my web pages and take a look. Constructive criticism welcome! Are there any items that you have seen me make in the past that you would really like to see available for sale? Are the pictures / is the wording detailed and clear enough? What about my prices; too high/low/about right? As a reward I am giving away one of my Charm safety pin Brooches! 

The winner will be chosen at random from anyone who leaves me a comment.
I would also like to pick your brains about any lovely Vintage Fairs that either you personally organise or that you have visited/heard about that I might be able to participate in next year. At the moment I don't have a single Fair booked, and I need to start finding out where the good ones are. I have a camper van so am willing to travel, although I think I would restrict myself to the south of England, say south of Stratford-upon-Avon. So let me know which Fairs you love, please!!!! Anyone leaving me a message regarding Vintage Fairs will also be entered into the draw for the Brooch. I'll throw in a few more goodies as well as I'm asking a lot from you!
Thank you so much! x x x

Sunday 1st December: As an update to this post I firstly wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who has left a comment! I am finding them very constructive. In answer to one issue that several of you have mentioned about not being able to click to enlarge to view, and that the image size is a bit small, unfortunately because the website is not my own (I am just one of numerous shops listed on the "What I'd Love' website) I cannot do much about it and have to work with what has been provided. But I am going to get in touch with the WIL website designers to see if something can be done to improve things. Perhaps I should take the plunge and start my own personal website, but initially I would like to gauge what response I receive from this one. 


  1. Your safety pin charm is beautiful and something that I would wear. Please will you include me in your giveaway.

  2. I did visit your web site and thought that the front page could be a little more inviting, something sea related/garden related.

    I did think that some of the jewelry pieces were rather high, but the other pieces were priced quite well.

    Lil Bit Brit

    1. You're quite right Christy - my front page is SO boring! I am going to try and remedy that. As it is not my own website I am a bit limited as to what I can do but I am sure I can improve on it considerably. As for the jewellery prices, I have to take into account the time it takes me to seek out all the vintage bits that go into their making, but I shall take on board your view. Cheers!

  3. You make such beautiful things - lovely to have a little more time to create. I think your prices are just right and the items clearly displayed and described. As for vintage fairs - Little Vintage Lover do some lovely ones but Norfolk may be too far. There are quite a few in the Brighton and Hastings area where I live. If you are interested I could find out more details for you. Karen x

    1. Thanks for the tip on the 'Little Vintage Lover' Fairs Karen, I've just had a look at their website. It may be a little too far, and a lot of my stuff is pre 1920's, so I may not qualify for their Fair criteria. I'd be grateful for any more details you could provide for fairs in your area too. x

    2. Hello Christine, the Vintage Fairs I have been to lately in this area of East Sussex have been organised by Red Rose Vintage Fairs. They have a good website if you're interested. I will be able to give you more info next year as they haven't any dates published yet. They hold fairs in Hastings, Rye, Bexhill (where I live) and Tenterden. Brighton also hold various fairs throughout the year again no dates at the moment. Happy Christmas. Karen x

  4. What lovely, and unique things. Your 'look' is so apparent, the wonderful color schemes in the stitchery and the jewelry. I think your prices are very reasonable. Photographs clear and it gives me the feeling of what they would look like in person. I have just written to see if they ship to the USA~

  5. I love your pins they are beautiful !
    Love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

  6. Hi Christine, I have looked at the online shop and I think you have pitched it right. My one critism is that not enough detail can be seen on the item. Although the item can be enlarged by clicking to view I still cannot see enough detail. Now this could be just my poor tired eyes but for me it is important when buying online. I do wish you well in your new journey and was so pleased to see The Sea Garden well stocked and looking fab last time I called after the Christmas fair earlier this month. Lynne xxxx

    1. Thanks Lynne, I will endeavour to take some more detailed pics. I do have a macro facility on my little camera but I can still only get so close, but I will give it another go!

  7. Christine,

    I would like to first say I have just found your blog and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style!

    Your pieces are amazing, gorgeous and so drool worthy.....have to keep wiping off my keyboard...lol.

    I do agree with Popsy in regards to picture detail. The photos are a tad on the small side. I have a feeling you already new this because you sound like you are a smart cookie.

    I say keep creating, make your photos a tad larger with a few more close up shots, work on giving your website itself a facelift, and of course add me to the ever growing pile of people vying for your beautiful brooch.

    I live in the States, therefore I am guessing you and your camper van would be better off closer to home....lol

    Sorry for the ramble....
    Good Luck

  8. The new jewellery is exquisite - I especially love the brooches. I have had a look on your site - the items are beautifully presented and show the work that has gone into each piece. It is good to see some new pieces on there. They are priced reasonably taking into account that each piece is unique, handmade and as you mentioned in your comments, the pieces individually sourced.

  9. Hi Christine, I have looked at your online shop just now as well as in the past. I am a great fan of your work and would love to own any piece of yours. Regarding the website, I agree that the front page could be more interesting. Although the individual items enlarge a bit, I would like to be able to click again on each item to see it more clearly. The size of pictures on your blog are bigger and clearer. I wasn't sure whether P & P is included in the price of each item or is extra. I would be interested to see anything you make and maybe you could update your blog each time you add some new articles, just a thought. I have visited The Sea Garden and only wish I didn't live about 5 hours away! Good luck in whatever you do. Jane x

    1. Hello Jane,
      Thanks so much for messaging me with your comments. To answer your question about P+P, there is a standard charge of £1.95 which is extra to the cost of the price displayed, but regardless of how many items you order. So for instance if you were to order 4 items the charge would remain at £1.95. There is however a postal surcharge on top of the standard charge for a couple of the heavier, bulkier items. All would be made clear at the checkout were you to place an order!
      Christine x

  10. Hello there, I have read your blog for some time and I have just visited the web and ordered a fabric pack. It certainly looks good value. I would love to win your giveaway. Vera.

  11. I just discovered your beautiful blog, oh, my! A "pin" from Pinterest brought me to one of your posts in 2011. Now I get to have the great good fun of reading the posts between then and now so I can find out what you've been up to! Obviously you followed through on your plan to be an adventurer for awhile and I am so pleased for you, as I wish this were something I had done when I had the chance. I hope you're enjoying every moment!

    I have to agree about your landing page and the photo sizes, but those points have had enough discussion already. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in my view, your prices are exceptionally within reach. I have seen many brooches with similar vintage materials (although you have a unique flair for putting them together and your designs are gorgeous and original) going for double the price here in California. Your crystal drop hanging ornaments are so appealing, and priced beautifully. If they ship to the U.S., I'll be placing an order immediately after Christmas.

    Happy Christmas!

  12. Hi there- I love your stuff- we were both at the Country Living Spring Fair and you had such a great stand.My criticism to the What I Love site is, the pictures are much too small- and it would ideally be great if you could zoom in.As it's online, the bigger the pictures, the better!.And I agree that the first page is not enticing enough...but keep going !

  13. I have received my lovely vintage pack and am so pleased with it. Now I need some time to play about with the super goodies. Vera

    1. Hi Vera,
      I'm so glad you're pleased with the pack. Perhaps send me a picture of whatever you make with the bits!
      Christine x

  14. Greetings Christine.
    It is such a while since I have ventured into blog land and now I have a brief moment of peace.. I thought I would come and see what you have been up to. Such stunning photos and wonderful soul food on this dark dismal day.. Your creative spirit is as strong as ever and I do so love your Oak wreath and vintage fancies. I hope life is treating you well down there and continuing to inspire your work.
    Happy New Year to you!
    P.s I stupidly managed to delete your lovely comment on my blog post by hitting the wrong button. So sorry if you didn't see your comment.

  15. Just found your blog. Love your hearts.
    Looking forward to reading your other posts.