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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Monday 27 May 2013

Work and Play

 The rain is lashing down outside today, but wasn't it lovely over the weekend? I drove up to Chipping Sodbury on Friday ready for the Fair on Saturday, and felt sorry for all the people stuck in queues of traffic on the motorway heading southwards for the start of their holidays......

There was lots of loveliness as always at the Vintage and Handmade Fair, including these gorgeous confections of lace and ribbon and beads on Louise Taylor-Bowen's stand. If you look closely you will even spot a little bird nestled into this headdress! She also incorporates feathers and moss and shells into her work, and the presentation was beautiful with simple vases of fresh cow parsley straight from the hedgerow.

Here are a few pictures of my stand....

As usual I had far too much stuff to fit on my 6ft table, and after looking around at other stands I think I'm going to take a leaf out of their book and try not to cram so many things in next time. It's always a balancing act, but you know what they say, less is more....

Heather from Hellish Designs' stand had lots of French bits and lovely handmade linen lampshades.....

 Ali Hocking's stand (Betty and Violet) was really pretty; pastel coloured fabrics and ribbons...... 

delicate lace and beaded bags....

 bejewelled buckles and sumptuous velvet ribbons.....

Thank you Jayne and Michele for organising another fantastic Fair; it is a lot of work for everyone involved, but a great pleasure to meet up with fellow makers/traders and customers who appreciate what we do!

 Now that I have my camper van I can take a bit of time out to relax as well as work away from home. After a pretty exhausting day at the Fair it was so nice just to drive out into the countryside around Chipping Sodbury and look for somewhere to spend the rest of the evening. 

I drove down a small winding lane following an escarpment with spectacular views of trees and fields, and found this lovely old church at Hawkesbury. A footpath led into a field of buttercups and dandelions, so I took a pillow and my rug and lay down in the green meadow to soak in the evening sun....

Sunday morning found me waking to another glorious view of lush green hedges and fields. I decided to head off to Dyrham Park, a National Trust property not far away and one that I had not visited for many years. 

The house is surrounded by rolling parkland with deer and cattle grazing.

 There are views right over the Bristol Channel. Everything was looking so gloriously green. It seems Spring happened so quickly this year....

It is a real treat for me to see such magnificent trees like this in a rolling green landscape, because we really don't have that down in West Cornwall.

I do hope you have all had a very enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend too. x x x


  1. Hi Christine,
    Another lovely post...
    Please don't change the style of your stall...Donna and I enjoyed a wonderful 20 minutes or so looking through all of your wonderful treasures (and buying some of them too!)
    ;-))... I didn't feel it was over-filled...
    I always say that you can't sell what you haven't brought with you...My stall may have been full, but I feel it paid off and I had a very rewarding day.

    I've visited Dyrham Park many times...(I nearly went into labour with my first born, there!!)

    Glad you had such a lovely BH weekend,
    Niki x

  2. What a divine weekend how lovely xx
    Your display looks scrumptious and so tempting all those lovely vintage treasures waiting to be snapped up.
    Lovely Post Christine
    Lynn xxx

  3. What a lovely weekend you you had.... Love all the vintage lace and your stall looked delightful.I hope you did well. And a bonus to have the sun and that beautiful country side.....xx

  4. Lovely photos of a beautiful weekend. Your stand looked gorgeous at the fair. See you soon, Liz x

  5. I wanted to attend this but we had other obligations. It all looks wonderful and love our photos. Hope to see you next time!
    Minerva x