Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday 27 March 2015


I have a fondness for growing succulents. I like the rosette form of the leaves; the way they form a cushiony mound and send off 'baby' off-shoots, and most importantly, the colour, particularly those with that delicious glaucous blue hue. The flower is really unimportant as far as I'm concerned when it comes to growing these plants. I had these two antique wire 'baskets' just the right size for popping a couple of Echeverias into, with enough space down the sides to arrange a lovely selection of shells and pebbles.

I photographed them against a backdrop of my latest shell collage and a piece of stonework hand-carved by my partner J. Here is another of his beautiful carvings:

His dream has always been to work on cathedral building, but his epilepsy has sadly meant that those doors have been closed to him. 

When I work it's all about colour......this collage has very pale tones of delicate pink, beige, brown and off-white. I've used a quotation from a piece of writing by Maggie Barratt called, 'At the water's edge':

"Spending summers by the sea, we learn to live by the tide instead of the clock. We decorate our tables and ledges with beach treasures and live well in sparsely furnished cottages, rich in spirit and happy to have no distractions but the sea outside the window; and each time we look out to sea, we rest a little deeper, grow a little stronger, sleep a little more soundly."


  1. What an extraordinary post, both in pictures and words. I adore your little baskets, they make me want to skip - and looking more closely the most lovely carving and colours. I find it all very beautiful.

  2. What a great ideas you have what a wonderfull blog!
    groetjes van Marijke

  3. I love those little plants too....I had a garden full in South Africa, now must be content with little pots. Thank you for the words that you have used in the lovely shell collage....and for the beautiful photograph of the stone-work....such skill and craftsmanship....may he one day be blessed with the rewarding work he so desires. Ellen.

  4. Your post immediately caught my eye because of the lovely photos of the succulents. I've only just started to like these plants. They seem to have become popular again only just recently. I love how you've put them in the wire baskets with the shells. My window ledges are full of shells as well, collected from our beach walks...love your beautiful shell collage and what lovely words from Maggie Barratt - is she at all related to Elizabeth Barratt Browning? Have a lovely week. Sharon

  5. Love, Love, LOVE your mans carving. That WONDREFUL poem and how sensitively (is that a word?) you illustrated it in this little "artwork of the sea"!

  6. What charming compositions, dear Christine, as usual you're so inspiring to me, you truly brighten my day !
    Sending much love and thankfulness

  7. Hello Christine, I'm so pleased I stumbled upon your delightful shop today - I could shave spend all afternoon looking at the lovely treasures you have. I'm looking forward to following your blog... I spotted those succulents near your work table. J's carvings are beautiful, what a shame he can't work on cathedrals... there must be a way.

  8. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    The plant in the wire basket looks fabulous. The art work on the stone is amazing, The photo of shells with names is informative. And your quote at the end is inspiring.

    Best wishes

  9. "Spending Summers by the Sea" your beautiful words so chimed with me! Gorgeous collage Christine --x-x-x--

  10. Your plants are so beautifully displayed. The gentle colours of your shells and the lovely words, a lovely blog.
    The carving is very well done

  11. Wonderful collage- we just purchased one from your haven, first job when getting home was mounting it on the wall- just perfect, Thank You. !