Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Wednesday 10 February 2016

 Tiny mermaids' jewellery boxes.....
Think I've got post-holiday blues.... the constant pressure to make, make, make all the time is getting to me. Plus the depressing weather....and missing J........ I've always been pretty good at self-motivation - you have to be when you're self-employed and there's no-one else to 'bring home the bacon'. Eating rather too much chocolate to boost morale, oh dear..... A visit to the Tavistock Vintage and Textile Fair on Saturday will no doubt cheer me up, and then being with J on Valentines Day......x I do count my blessings every day.


  1. Cheer up Christine, I know only too well how difficult it can be this time of the year, but soon there will be Spring and then there will be people coming to look at the lovely things you make.
    The Vintage fair sounds lovely - I do miss all of those things on my hillside at Kerjacob - I will not miss the muddy grass and the muddy roads we have at the moment because of all this horrid weather. Did manage to pick a tiny bunch of early spring flowers yesterday when I braved the winds in the garden.

  2. I love your boxes talking about the sea ... the sea that I love !
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,
    sending much love

  3. Hello Christine,

    I love the photographs on your blog - so inspiring. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day. :)

    Kind regards from Riverside,

  4. Christine,
    Oh more delicious mermaid boxes, I know a mermaid at Penryn who might be needing a couple to put her tourqouoises into
    Hope you are more cheery now.
    Love fromAxxx

  5. Exquisite boxes. I love to come and visit .....always so inspiring!

  6. It is grim at the moment, but spring will soon be here and the sun will shine again, which makes everything sparkle. I shall enjoy seeing your photos of the lovely things you make and of Cornwall too. As for the chocolate, I couldn't do winter without it.

  7. PRETTY cool shells! Smile...Spring is coming = )

  8. Hi Christine
    I understand the pressure of make make make and it is daunting. Also I have decided quality over quantity now and that is it.

    The weather has been dreadful but it is getting better .. Soon be Summer and beach combing weather with the sun warming you.

    Take Care