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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Thursday 1 December 2016

Winter Wreaths

Yesterday I went in search of pine cones for my winter wreath making. If there's one place I know that's good for cones around here it's the Scots pines that stand sentinel on the tip of St. Anthony's Head.

It was a most glorious afternoon; blue sky and still air.

I found enough cones and also plenty of lichen-covered twigs that had been cut from the pathways (I never use living wood), the other essential component of my wreaths.

So much lichen growth is a good indicator of how unpolluted  the air is here, and also how moist!

Unfortunately most of the cones were pretty tightly closed, so I shall have to wait until they open up and shed their seeds before I can wire them onto my wreaths.

I use a thick, sturdy galvanised wire to make the initial ring, and then with a more supple wire take each smallish section of twig and gently secure it in place by winding the wire around the twig and the ring.

In this one I'm just starting to add some pine cones, and I've already twisted in some gold coloured beads on wires.

 Some everlasting flowers also make a nice edition.

Two wreaths completed, in which I have added a couple of chandelier drops to hang down in the centre. Making a wreath with natural but dried materials like this means that they can be used year after year!


  1. Very beautiful and inspirational! I will have to try making one from our selection of pines here in Washington.

  2. Wonderful pictures an such sweet wreaths. Think I will make some too.
    Hugs from Lina

  3. Beautiful as always Christine - Hope you enjoy all the Christmas preparations over the next couple of weeks xx
    N x

  4. Gorgeous!!! Would love to see photos of the shop dressed for Christmas!! Thank you for such lovely images!

  5. just found your blog, love it!!!

  6. Wow, this is so inspiring!! I love the everlasting flowers!