Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday 5 April 2020

 Hello dear friends! This is the jumble of wool on my workroom floor where I am spending many an hour whiling away the isolation knitting and listening to the radio. 
It's going to be a cardigan - I suppose I shall refer to it as my 'Coronavirus cardigan' as it will forever be associated with this time. 

Do tell what you are all creating out there, if you are stuck at home too. If you've never tried knitting before, give it a go, it really isn't difficult. And it's a great stress reliever. There will be instructions online that you can download, and wool can be ordered online too. I don't use any fancy stitches, just knit and purl. Start off in just one colour and as you become more proficient, work with a variety of colours and weights of yarn; that's when the fun really begins!


  1. That's a great pattern, I'm currently knitting a stash busting ' Flax Light' sweater made of random mini skeins ! I cant c.pe with anything intricate needed a simple corona sweater, mindless rounds of knitting!

  2. I’ve just finished a cot blanket for the Exeter Baby Bank and I’m now using up some other dk in my stash for items for neo natal babies. My daughter’s friend is a midwife in Yeovil Hospital, so I shall pass them on to her. Then I might do something a bit more complicated. I have yarn to do a lacy-ish scarf, so may do that.

    I love the colours of your cardi :)

  3. You are very clever Christine with your Knitting and encouraging other to join in- is great!

  4. Just found you on Ann Wood's blog and love, love your shop, gardens and blog. You've inspired me to bust into my yarn stash and get knitting! Could you please let me know when you open your lovely shop? I'd like to buy a few crafty pieces you have created. Thank you! Debra Sposa e-mail address is dartisun@gmail.com