Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday 24 May 2020

 This week I have been revelling in the glory of the Spring.....
 and doing a spot of knitting outdoors; what a view!

  This little footpath is literally spilling over with wildflowers......

There is barely anyone about - at the moment. The big question now arises: How do we welcome back the tourists safely to our beautiful county?


  1. Hi Christine - Beautiful Spring Photos that you've taken - you certainly have an eye for Nature. Yes, with this Lockdown tourist destinations have taken a big hit- our South Coast had first the Bush Fires then immediately followed by COVIS-19...everything from small cafe's are suffering greatly. Things can only get better and better. Best Wishes. KEV.

  2. Beautiful. And when it’s so lovely it’s a fine line between wanting them back and needing them back isn’t it.

  3. You do have a piece of paradise and it wouldn't be surprising that tourists will want to bolt from their homes the minute they are allowed so I suppose enjoying the serenity now is all you can do. It's absolutely lovely.

  4. That’s a lovely spot to sit and do a bit knitting, Christine! I know what you mean about the tourists coming back. It’s so important for the South West economy, but very scary at the same time. Having said that, we normally holiday in Cornwall, so are looking forward to coming back at some point, but as we’re only in the next county, we can pop down whenever it’s safe to do so. By the way, which beach is in that gorgeous view? Enjoy your, at the moment, quiet county, Christine, it’s a beautiful place :)