Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday 12 March 2010

Feeling like Spring!

Hello friends! For about the last week there has been an easterly   wind blowing in off the sea in Portscatho, making it very cold indeed. But yesterday when I went down to the shop to carry on with the spring cleaning and redecorating, the wind had thankfully changed direction and all was calm. The sea was a rich blue, the tide was coming in, and in the sunshine it actually felt warm.

All the little boats and canoes are pulled up on the slip over winter, but it won't be long before the visitors arrive and the bay will be dotted with colourful bobbing craft of all shapes and sizes.

The rocks are exposed in the harbour at low tide; you can see Gull Rock out in the distant bay.

Occupying a Georgian listed building as I do, there always seem to be repairs and maintenance jobs which have to be done out of season during the quiet time. In one of the front windows my friend Dave has scarfed in a new bit of wood which now needs painting. When there's nothing on display in the window you can clearly see how much it bows out in the middle!

The postman delivered a very exciting package to the shop yesterday - it was an order for zip bags that I'd commissioned from Helen Ashworth of 'Rosie's Armoire'. That's one of the loveliest things about running a shop, finding talented craftmakers and inviting them to supply you with their work. When a new parcel arrives it feels like a birthday or Christmas. How beautifully Helen has wrapped it all up!

I gave her some vintage postcards to print from,

and pieces of vintage fabric for the backs of the little bags.

This watercolour image of The Island in Newquay, my 'home' town, has worked particularly well. You can see Helen's handmade bags at The Country Living Fair in London where she has a stand, 24th - 28th March at The Business Design Centre in Islington.

During the evenings lately I've been having fun making a new collection of necklaces, incorporating some of the gorgeous beads that I purchased recently from The Bead Room in Totnes.

Each necklace is a one-off, and completely asymmetrical. Easy to wear, they are long enough to just slip over your head and you can decide which way up to wear it as there is no definite top or bottom.

The beads are a mixture of freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal, glass and silver.

Perhaps you can also spot a rather ingenious use of old curtain rings!

'Dolly Mixture' colours for Spring, with a tiny scrap of old silk ribbon to add to the vintage look.

Two necklaces worn together make a nice impact.

I love these delicious aubergine and coppery brown pearls.

A white pearl, glass and cream mother-of-pearl piece; would be great for a wedding with a vintage theme.

A pair of duck-egg blue and beige-gold necklaces with vintage rayon ribbon.

If you are interested in buying any of these necklaces, get in touch! Leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you. Prices range from £32 to £55. Thanks for visiting, see you soon!


  1. I adore the little printed bags - they are gorgeous! Can I ask if you are selling them and how much for? They are so unusual.

    Lovely blog by the way!


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  3. you have a wonderful eye for beauty!!! ;0)
    love the new pieces of printed post cards on fabric bags- i remember at university when i studied textile print design working on wrap skirts with printed vintage post cards- those beautiful printed bags you have for the shop are a dream!!! stunning!!!...beautiful jewels too x

  4. Lovely blog! Adore your necklaces . Just found your blog via Jane and the Happy Crow, glad i did!! x

  5. Hi Christine,
    Potscatho is looking as beautiful as ever - so pleased the weather has settled down so that you can enjoy it all the more. (Hubby and I made it to the seaside yesterday - such a tonic)

    Love your new bags - the island one is particularly lovely.
    And the beautiful beaded necklaces that you have created are so 'you' - the pinky tones and cream ones are my favourites.

    Yes, I will be open this Saturday - if you can make it in to see me that would be lovely. Fingers crossed for more fine weather...hmmm...but somehow, knowing Shepton?!!
    Have a lovely weekend anyway,
    Niki x

  6. Hi christine.
    I found you,so glad you are following my blog too!!
    We have arrived home,joy!!
    Missing cornwall already,i always feel so sad when we have to leave.
    Love the necklaces & little printed bags,i admired the boat one when i was in the seagarden.
    Great to see you. x

  7. Hi Christine

    All beautiful. I love all the necklaces, so would find it very hard to choose just one!! The pretty zipped purses are gorgeous, too. We will definitely make sure we're in Portscatho long enough to spend time in the shop in August!

    Hope you didn't get soaked at Shepton!

    Sue x