Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday 27 March 2010

With only a week to go before Easter AND our 'Homespun Fair' , I thought I would share with you a few pics of how the shop's looking at the moment. Last week I picked up some nice new pieces at the Shepton Mallet antiques fair and the Ilminster Textiles fair, and the last couple of days have been spent arranging it all. I just love this aspect of running a shop, dressing the windows and working with colour to make everything appear harmonious.

Gertie's beautiful little hand-embroidered zip bags sit in a bowl to form the centrepiece in one of the front windows, which always seems to be overwhelmingly 'duck egg' in hue!

The other front window has a pink Spring theme; handmade and vintage bags and jewellery mixed in with porcelain pieces by Linda Bloomfield and cards by Liz Lynch and my own.

I look forward to welcoming you all to my little shop by the sea!

I won't have time to blog again for the next couple of weeks, so let me wish you friends a very Happy and joyous Easter!


  1. Hello Christine...I have just twigged that you now have a blog! I must have been blogging with my eyes shut just lately. So pleased to be able to read all about you, Cornwall and your amazing shop.
    Really looking forward to seeing you soon and the Fair.
    Hoping for Spring like weather too.
    See you soon. x

  2. I must confess,I'm a bit jealous....What a fantastic blog and shop and location of your shop just fantastic!!!We don't have shops like yours in Holland.I'm going to follow and enjoy your site most definitly!!
    Love and greetings from Anita,Holland.
    PS. I'm going to spend my holiday in England,maybe you never know we'll meet....

  3. I am so enchanted with your little shop Christine! It is lovely and judging by the photos everything in it is magical.

    Now I can dream that one day I will toddle into your little spot of heaven and meet you in person. But in the meantime, the blog postings will suffice.

    So nice to have met you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. oh my goodness, i am so happy! that i have found you. I have loved your work and your shop ever since i saw an article of your shop in Country Living.

    I am from Finland and i wish that someday i am able to come in to your shop.

    You are able to view some of my collage work in here:
    and jewelry work in here:

  5. Hi Christine,
    I do not know if you remember me. A week ago I was with my husband with you in the shops. There I bought some fabric ribbons and buttons. We talked and I said, I did a small shop at DaWanda.
    Your store can I find really great and I like the things much. Here in Germany there are very rarely as nice shops.
    Unfortunately, our vacation is already with you in Portscatho over, but perhaps you will notify you once for me.
    Love sunny greetings from Dortmund (Germany)

  6. So pleased to have stumbled across such a gorgeous blog - xxx

  7. Hi Christine - So lovely to see you at Dairy House yesterday. Glad you're happy with your purchases! Wasn't it just the most lovely day.

    Will try to remember to phone you on Wednesday for that phone number.

    Sue x

  8. Well what a surprise and a lovely one too.. to find you at the Dairy House fair yesterday and to discover your blog!
    I will never forget the first time I stumbled across your gorgeous little shop on a holiday to the Roseland Peninsula 6 years ago.. and isn't it funny how things evolve.. now we are part of the same blogging community and the fair circuit!
    It was such a treat to step inside your shop again last week on my visit to Homespun Fair.

    See you at the V & H in three weeks!

    Michele x

  9. What a lovely shop you have. I lived in Cornwall for 28 years but don't remember ever visiting Portscatho. I regularly return so will have to come to see your shop and all the lovely things you have for sale

  10. I'm drop dead, sea green with envy! what a treat to have such a beautiful shop! I intend to follow your blog earnestly from now on! Your new friend, Sadie at Flea Market Chic xxx

  11. What a nice site you have
    i love the beautiful things in your shop.
    I wil follow your blog
    I wish you a verry nice weekend
    Yolanda (netherlands)