Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Today I went down to Marazion to visit Shevie and deliver (at last!) her prize for winning my giveaway last month. The sun was shining and warm and St. Michael's Mount looked quite a picture.

I parked up and walked along the beach.........the sea was sparkling

In a side street I spied the entrance to Shevie's shop, "Fine and Dandy'

oh what a scene of candy-coloured delight greets your eyes as you walk in.....

As Shevie unwrapped the giveaway I wandered around and took more photos, stopping to chat and share experiences of running a shop. We have so many mutual friends it's surprising that we hadn't met sooner!

Everything is so beautifully presented, just look at those hand-stamped price tags!

(I love the blue colour of the floor - it's a brave decision to go for a colour but boy does it enhance the harmonious look of the decor)

So did I succumb? of course........but I can't show you what I bought because that will spoil the surprise for certain individuals

It was so lovely to meet you Shevie, another like-minded vintage fanatic!

I bought a pasty and sat in the sun out of the wind and just gazed upon this marvellous view. The mount appeared dark and foreboding with the sun so bright behind. Shevie has the good fortune to actually live on this fairytale isle.

As I reach the car again I take one last look back at the mount with its castle atop and little harbour and cluster of houses beneath. The tide has covered the causeway..... Shevie will be taking her children home from school on the ferry by now.......


  1. Oh, oh oh.
    Thats for St. Michael's Mount
    And the shop looks so uplifting,
    love Shevie's polka dot neck scarf!

  2. oh i do enjoy your little tootles ..as an expat i yearn for places like this ..maybe when i win lotto i can come and visit ...thank you for sharing

  3. Ohh what a beautiful post, I love Cornwall and have walked to St Michaels Mount many times. Wow what a delightful shop breath taking i would love to poke around in there, and infact i spyed a few vintage crockery that o own myself. What a lovely day. Dee x

  4. Lovely post! It's a beautiful place we stayed at Mousehole a couple of years ago and loved to look at the view of St Michaels mount from that beach, its just gorgeous. I never saw that shop but will certainly look it out next year when we visit!

  5. Oh wow what a beautiful shop! and wonderful place to live. I haven't visited St Michaels mount now for nearly 6 years! wow i didnt realise it had been that long since i counted :D
    You are both so lucky to live in such a wonderful art of the country. I am sitting at my computer in rainy grey london looking at your magical photo's and wishing i too owned a little shop and lived in cornwall.
    Oh well maybe one day. :)
    Next time i visit for a holiday i promose to pop by and say hello i am a big fan of your blog.
    Big hugs

  6. What a lovely shop and beautiful location for a day out.

    Wish I'd been there it is horrible here in Derbyshire today!

  7. Hi Lynnie, yes I do enjoy my little tootles (love that expression! - I sometimes say 'bimbling'). In the winter I am fortunate that if the weather's nice I can take advantage of it and work in the evening instead.
    Big hugs back Gemma! I shall be bringing a taste of my shop up to London in March when I exhibit at the Country Living Spring Fair with my other colleagues from The Sea Garden. Do hope that you will be able to come to the fair, it would be lovely to meet you!
    Thanks everyone who's left a comment - it's always a thrill when you see them in the inbox!
    Christine x

  8. Sounds like a good day out, a walk along the beach and a pop in to one of these beautiful shops.
    Greetings from Australia

  9. Just found you! What a gorgeous blog!! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this shop - I shall visit next year on my annual pilgrimage to St Ives !! Off to read the rest of your blog. xxx

  10. Love this post and just looking at her uplifting colors and well displayed things makes me happy.

    Lovely, lovely, and I so enjoyed the walk along the sparkling water,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  11. Hi
    Like me you took advantage of the lovely weather we had here on Wednesday - what a lovely shop definitely on my lists to visit - i especially liked the knitted cupcakes.
    have a lovely sunday

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your blog this morning.. the kaleidoscope of colours and topics really have brightened up another dull dark day. One day... I endeavour to make a journey to Marazion.. I have not been for so many years. My mother and I used to watch the helicopters take off from Penzance heliport on their journey to The Scilly Isles.. Somewhere I have always wanted to go. A visit via Shevie's gorgeous emporium would make it a magical trip.
    See you soon at the V & H.
    Michele xx

  13. Here I am sat in a cold and wet forest on a sunday morning and I'm reading your blog. We visit Cornwall as often as we can but recently it's only been once a year. We always try to get to St. Michaels mount on that trip. So thanks for the pickies... It's a reminder of something to come next year. I will have to visit both shops now to add to my experience as they both look beautiful. Not sure where you are though so I will have to delve into your site for a few more clues
    Jayne xx