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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Ooooh, what's in the box?

Today I received my box of 40 mystery goodies from the lovely Lizzie over at The Pea Pod after winning her giveaway last week. Each item was neatly wrapped in an old French map and tied with red and white string, which must have taken ages. Lizzie celebrated her big '40' recently, hence the number of gifts, but it certainly felt like my birthday today!

One pile of map wrappings and string later..............

Here is the veritable cornucopia of wonderful gifts from Lizzie!

Items included numerous papier mache and felt decorations made by Lizzie herself. Sherbet Fountain, Refreshers and Cadbury's Fudge: wow I haven't had those since I was at school!

A little peg angel, a wind-up tin chicken (it pecks as it walks along!) a colourful felt garland and some cute badges,

two edelweiss brooches and a felt embroidered brooch,

a vintage mini sewing kit, retro dish, green bead necklace and a wonderful book on 'How To Draw Birds'

two toy wooden houses and a horse, and , my favourite pressie: this vintage diamante choker necklace!

I am such a lucky girl! Thank you so much Lizzie, you've been very generous in your lovely gifts!


  1. Wow, it looked like Christmas at your house today with all those goodies, what a generous woman!! You really are lucky.

    All things nice...

  2. How fun!!! It looks like a wondeful treasure stash, lol. :-)

  3. wow you lucky girl you that is such a generous giveaway! such lovely items and packaged so nicely. I hope the weather is fine in cornwall? its sunny today in london which is nice but i would much rather be there where you are, my heart is calling for cornwall :(

  4. My goodness, what a lovely parcel !
    Sue x

  5. aww wow what a lovely box of goodies and so cute and colourful. Bet it really made your day. Enjoy all the lovely things..Dee ;-)

  6. Unfortunately Gemma it's been mizzly rain all day down here, which has rather matched how I feel, I've got a cold and hardly slept a wink last night! So I'm just taking it easy today, making cards and listening to the radio. Thanks to everyone for leaving a message!