Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday 17 October 2010

Ah, such glorious weather this week......

On Tuesday I drove to one of my favourite beaches, Polly Joke near Crantock.

As soon as I had learnt to drive when I was 17 this was somewhere I loved to go to be alone, sometimes with a good book or sketchbook and pencils in hand. There are no buildings in sight from this beach, no cafe, no toilets, only a small car park a five minute walk away but hidden in the valley. All the surrounding land is owned by The National Trust and so will thankfully remain unspoiled, hopefully forever. It was this particular stretch of the north Cornish coast, from West Pentire to Polly Joke, that the author Winston Graham most frequented when writing his Poldark novels, and where he imagined Nampara, the home of Ross and Demelza, to be located. I was so homesick for Cornwall when studying my Textiles degree at Winchester School of Art that I read all 11 Poldark novels back to back. They transported me back to the places I loved so much.

Today - Sunday lunch at Halwyn!

The hot chocolate is to die for - choose either plain choc or mint choc chip, with whipped cream and a malteser on top!

Organic bacon and cheese in a granary bap, with lovely crisps and a salad full of berry fruits (Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, raspberries) and home-grown salad leaves and cherry tomatoes. Yum! Have I mentioned the three different kinds of salad dressing and two varieties of fruity pickle?

The lovely couple who run Halwyn Tea Garden completely renovated the old farmhouse they now live in. It really is a blissful spot at the end of a dead-end track (deemed 'Not Suitable for Motors'), with the most wonderful views over the River Fal and the only occasional sound: the chugg chugg of a boat engine as it glides along far below.

Walking back after lunch through the woods the dappled sunlight was beautiful; glimpses of sparkling water through the trees, the shrieks of children actually swimming in the river!

I promised you some pictures of the creek with the tide (almost) in......

Sublime stillness

Do hope the sun has been shining on you too today and it has recharged your batteries for the week ahead. x


  1. Hi you look like you had a beautiful day, I too have re charged my batteries for the week ahead!
    Did you check over at Fin and Gabs to pick up the award I passed onto you?

    Have a lovely evening,
    Andrea x

  2. What a lovely weekend you have had and I am very jealous. This is my favourite time of year in Cornwall but cannot get away due to family etc. Thanks for your lovely photos - makes me feel almost there. Karen X

  3. What a wonderful day. Great photos

  4. Your area is a glorious place to call home.
    and i can see you love it unconditionally!

  5. Hi Andrea,
    I'm afraid I don't know anything about the whole etiquette of blog awards and I'm really chuffed that you think I deserve one, but I think I would prefer to keep my blog an 'Award Free Zone'. (Hope I haven't offended you) x

  6. thank u for a lovely little jaunt to cornwall..it's going to be 32 degrees today here in oz and would love to be in that little cove ...maybe one day...thank u for sharing

  7. Oh! Now I've seen the photos, I REALLY want to live in Cornwall near the sea!
    I know I'll have to upheave and work hard to make it happen!
    I go to bed at night and when I actually fall asleep, dream of the sea and living near it...

    Sandie xx

  8. I loved your post it reminded me of warm peaceful sunny days. Beautiful photo's looks like such a lovely place. Have a happy week. dee ;-)x

  9. Gorgeous photos, what a lovely day out.

  10. Lovely coastal pics :) Why is the beach called Polly Joke - do you know? Those hot chocolates look amazing!

  11. Phew Lynnie, that's just too damned HOT for my liking!

    The official name for the beach is Porth Joke ('Porth' in Cornish literally meaning 'beach') but the locals call it Polly Joke, don't know why!

  12. Fantastic pictures, what camera do you use?

  13. Hi Christine
    I have just come across your lovely blog - we visited Postcatho early this year - and your shop was not open I think you were there painting it - I was dying to go inside. We were having lunch at a famous hotel in St Mawes. I live on the Devon/north Cornwall borders so also love the dramatic coastline around here.
    I will definitely keep a note of the lovely Tea room you mentioned the food looks delicious.
    Love your photos

  14. The camera I use is a very small compact SONY camera called Cyber-shot. It very usefully has a macro lens facility which allows me to take shots very close up to the subject and still remain in focus.

    Sorry that I was not open when you visited Jill, I'm afraid there are days when I need to work at home, or do maintenance at the shop itself. Next time!

  15. What an incredibly lovely place--it reminds me of something I would read about in a book.

  16. Oh Christine, I could sit looking at this post with its beautiful pictures all day. I didn't manage any trips to the sea this summer and hadn't realised until seeing this just how much I have missed them.

    See you in Frome on 30th?

    Sue x

  17. Christine I'm delighted to tell you that you have won The Pea Pod giveaway! yippee! As soon as you mail me your details I'll send the prize off to you x

  18. Looks like a truly lovely weekend, the hubby and I want to move to cornwall eventually, your photos make me want to move even more. Thanks for sharing.