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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Sunday 10 October 2010

Giveaway Time!

Yes folks, a winner has been picked!
This is the goody bag that the winner will receive - one of my 'Inspiration Packs' of printed papers and stickers, a selection of handmade cards, two little handmade heart decorations on ribbon, two button cards, a piece of vintage fabric, some vintage lace bits, two embroidered quilt patches, a diamante buckle and a sprig of little fabric flowers.
All followers' names were written down and put into a box, I closed my eyes and picked out a piece of paper at random and the name was.............


So congratulations Shevie! We have never met; now I have the perfect excuse to come down and meet you and see your little shop in Marazion, and deliver your goodies in person. Looking forward to it already!

On our way up to Totnes on Friday Gertie and I stopped off for half an hour at the beautiful village of Altarnun on the edge of Bodmin Moor. The lovely old stone bridge is just wide enough for a horse, and this row of cottages have their very own slate bridges crossing to their front doors.

On one of the garden walls sits this charming nest of mossy stones with three little birds

The 15th Century Church dedicated to St. Nonna is known as the Cathedral of the Moors, and replaced an earlier 12th Century building.

On the end of each pew are these wonderful carvings, some with symbolic decorative motifs and others with figures, including this dancing jester and musician

medieval bagpipes

and some wonderful sheep!

The huge granite font is the only part of the original 12th Century church still remaining

Now onto Totnes! A bit of a rush to set up on time ready for doors open at 10 O'Clock; here is my stand

and Gertie's

Right from the word go the hall was full of eager customers looking for vintage inspiration, and it was great to catch up with fellow bloggers and stallholders. Thanks Lesley for organising such a well attended event, I hope there will be more such fairs in Totnes next year!


  1. It was so lovely to see you and Gertie yesterday. Your stalls were beautiful and inspirational as always.

    The thank you card that I bought for mum never got to her. I had an emergency use for it. I left a case in the rickshaw when packing up, the case which had my takings in!!! Luckily the rickshaw driver was a sweet and honest lady and she emailed me to tell me and delivered it to my B&B. She deserved that card and I showed Mum first with an apology that she would not actually be getting it ;-)

  2. Oh Oh Oh-its me,its me!!!
    I really can't believe,how lucky I am to win a prize that is so very lovely and so very me-thankyou,thankyou-you made my day!!!Please let me know when you are coming so I can make sure I'm about!!x

  3. Donna, you really had such a day yesterday! But so glad your missing case was returned, and pleased the card was on hand to reward the kind lady. I've already started to adjust the waistline on that gorgeous skirt I bought from you, I can't wait to wear it!

  4. Shevie! Thanks for your lovely comment! As soon as I have a free day I will come down and see you!

  5. Christine, these photos are so wonderful, I really do lap up your travel-logues.
    The font, the carvings, just the mood of it all. Your table looked super!

  6. Lucky Shevie - what a super give-away! Your table at Totnes looks so enticing and I just love those carved sheep on the pew-end.

  7. I have the same blog name as you but am on the other side of the world, I do love to see your beautiful photos of lovely old blighty!! Hope to come and see your gorgeous shop one day!

  8. I pass the sign for Altarnun every time I visit my mother in St Merryn (from Portsmouth)but I have never actually been there because I am always eager to see her or get home. I always wondered about how the name originiated too. Now I know.

  9. Hi there,
    I just thought I would tell you that I have passed on A Lovely Blog award to you, just check on Fin and Gabs and you will see, thanks for your lovely blog, I love to read it,
    Andrea x