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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Playtime with buttons!

Ooooohhhh I love buttons! And by the frequency with which they appear in other people's blogs, I know I'm not the only one!

Give me a load of buttons and I'll be happy for hours............

I love to co-ordinate colours together; it's all about balance too with the positioning of each button...

I've made up these button cards to take with me to Totnes on Saturday

More special Mother-of-Pearl, glass and metal buttons............

Okay, I'm done with the buttons now.........

My first ever giveaway! Yey!

I said to myself that as soon as I reached 100 followers I would have a giveaway, and so here it is! No need to do anything - all your names will be automatically entered into the draw, and if you're reading this and you're not already a follower, then it's not too late: as I'm going up to Devon on Friday I haven't really got time to organise it before I go, so just add your name asap and I will do the draw when I get back on Sunday, I'll also post up what you're gonna win!

Bonne chance a tous!


  1. Oohh christine i'm first!!
    Lovely to see you the other week even though it was short & sweet,we had a great week.
    Pop by to my blog as i have someone new for you to meet!
    Bye for now. xx

  2. lovely mother of pearls buttons. and so many blues!

  3. I could not believe my eyes at all those fantastic buttons, I am so pleased to see buttons more and more! Fab!

    Enjoy Devon,
    Andrea x

  4. I know what you mean about buttons! I can't resist them either!

  5. buttons are beautiful and when there put all together like yours they look delightful. Good luck for saturday, enjoy. Dee x

  6. Couldn't resist! I've been reading since our holiday in Portscatho in June but I've just added myself as a follower.

  7. Wishing I could get to ones but it's not to be- good luck! Loving those button cards!

  8. Oooh I wish I wasn't so far away or I'd come and buy the lot!

    Beautifully presented.

  9. They do look wonderful on the pretty cards, and I'm just wondering how you can bear to part with them! Specially the m-o-p and glass ones, mmmmmmm.

  10. What can I say....button heaven here!
    I hope you have a wonderful day at the Fair...I am only sorry I won't be joining you. x

  11. I think there is probably a self help group for button fanciers! I do have fond memories of my mother's button tin.. a huge vintage biscuit tin full to the brim with all kinds of little button jewels. There is something immensely gratifying about sifting through a button collection.
    Beautiful cards Christine... I suspect that they will be best sellers.
    Hope Totnes is great fun and a great success for you and all.
    Michele x

  12. I love the feel of buttons sifting through your fingers just like sand, I find it comforting. Please may I enter your giveaway, thanks ever so, Lucey xx

  13. Ohhh i love buttons too, i sometimes just like to empty one of the big jars i have filled with them and look at them all individually, hah! I love the ones in the last photo! What lovely buttons you do have :) xxxx

  14. Beautiful Button Pr0n! I have just wandered here via Fan My Flame and I must say your button collection is awesome. I will follow you and have more of a nosy round now. :o)

  15. You're right - loads of us love buttons!!!

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous little works of art Christine! I particularly like the ones on the 'Universal' blue cards...Of course they are too pretty to use...I think they need to be just for looking at! (Is that sad?!)

    Good luck for the weekend,
    Niki x