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Tales from The Sea Garden

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Friday 17 December 2010

Winter Walks

I managed to grab two lovely walks in the winter sunshine this week. On Monday I did a circuit round the Trewithen estate which I am lucky enough to have right on my doorstep. There are some truly magnificent trees in the grounds, beautifully silhouetted against the sky at this time of year.

The lichen on this rough hewn branch fence is always something I stop to look at when I pass.

Like tiny miniature forests....

When I return home I pick up a parcel from the post office - it's come all the way from California! I will show you what was inside later...

Then on Wednesday a walk to Ladock down winding country lanes,

Underneath the railway bridge that serves the Penzance - London mainline,

To the beautiful old church at Ladock.

This window is one of the loveliest I know, I love to sit and look at it.

I particularly adore the roses and lilies in this ladies lap and on her headdress

The main window above the altar was designed by the two great Pre-Raphaelite painters Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris.

Can you spot the little shepherds and kings at the sides of the altar below?

The window above the side altar is also by William Morris.

We were just about to leave when there was a scuffling of footsteps and a chatter of voices outside, and in came the children from the school next door to decorate the tree!

Lots of tinsel and handmade baubles,

and these adorably sweet angels!

On the way to Ladock I had spotted a large Hawthorn branch which had fallen onto the hedge not too far from home, so when we passed it on the return journey I retrieved it and hoisted it onto my shoulder, and carried it triumphantly back to the cottage. It felt like I had an enormous pair of antlers growing out of my head. My friend thought me quite mad!

But I knew it would make a wonderful twiggy Christmas tree!

This wooly shepherd and his cute sheep always has to be part of my Christmas tableau!

I have kept the decoration of my tree to a minimum, hanging little glass holders with tealights inside, a few baubles and wooden hearts and stars, some tiny red ceramic hearts, and three stitched fabric heart hangings by Lynn of 'Sea Angels'.

This is what was in the California parcel - two little ceramic cups that I won from the very talented Julie Whitmore when I came runner-up in her giveaway recently. Aren't they so sweet!

Snowman and robins on their little frozen pond....

I will post again when I light the candles for the first time and take some pics. Hope you are all loving decorating your homes too!


  1. What a great post - I really enjoyed reading this,You made me feel as though I was with you - Thank you!
    I love the cups you won - gorgeous! I'm off to google her!

  2. Such a lovely post. Love the natural twig tree. I fancy doing one of those for spring, spray it white.

  3. Impressive twig-tree! Please,please tell us it is safely anchored in place - I can just picture it slowly sliding sideways, knocking all those lovely delicate pieces to the floor! No!!!
    Not being anywhere near the sea, I have just bleached a branch to attain a bit of a driftwood look, and will be hanging baubles from it tomorrow

  4. I keep wishing in my next life I get to live in Scotland - but your blog makes me think Cornwall is a bit of heaven too :)
    My other blog is called Library Mermaid - so from one Mermaid to another - hello!

  5. Fantastic stained glass windows! Lovely pics of your shop too. Have not done much decorating here as unable to get out to buy the tree! Have been snowed in all weekend and there is more coming tonight! Liz x