Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday 5 March 2011


Some glorious Spring weather this week........decided to head down to St. Mawes on the Roseland peninsula

It was an ideal day to catch the ferry across to Falmouth

But the ferry wasn't leaving for another 45 minutes so I had a mooch around the sea front. This old garage with its classic petrol pumps is now the gig club and houses the Roseland gig (traditional Cornish wooden boat which was rowed out to ships to guide them safely into harbour)

The St. Mawes Bakery is justly famed for its Cornish pasties

the sign is wonderfully aged!

Here comes the ferry!

drawing up quayside.......

I spent most of the journey across to Falmouth lying down on the cushioned seat at the back of the boat, gazing straight up at the bluest of blue skies with the occasional gull wheeling through the void.

Later in the week, a lovely walk through Trewince woods revealed a carpet of brilliant yellow daffodills

Strolling down the track to the pink cottage rewards you with this wonderful view of St. Mawes from the creek side

The air was crisp and still, hazy looking towards the sun but summer-blue looking landward.......

At the end of the track........the water's edge and a little slipway to launch your boat. I sat and soaked in the hot sun. A blackbird serenaded me from somewhere close by, the seaweed gently lulled back and forth with the unseen tidal swell.........

It's blissful moments like these that refresh your soul.


  1. What a lovely post of your day out, a little look at Cornwall always makes me smile. The daffs are still tight buds up here!

  2. A stunning place, a perfect day, and I hope your brought pasties home!

  3. What a beautiful day you had, Christine...thank-you for sharing it with us! Such gorgeous scenery all around...can't wait to get back to your part of the world!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend...


  4. Truely beautiful photo's i was almost there with you, i agree moments and days like this really are good for the soul, dee x

  5. How lovely! Great pictures too.

  6. Hello hello Christine, in true Sarah-Jane bumbling style I didn't make it to Porthscatho last week as we had to postpone our departure from Kent! Typical, hope you had a busy half term in the shop?
    I was definitely not in St.Mawes the same day as you! It was stair-rods, we were drenched.....I loved seeing your pics of it in the sunshine, bliss!

    Love Sarah x

  7. What a lovely inspiring post to read on a cold but bright spring morning here in Brittany.

    Love to you.

  8. Thank you for such lovely photo's. I can't wait to come down and stay with my sister, who lives in Portloe, at the end of the month.

    A visit to your shop hopefully.

    Have a lovely week.

    Colette x

  9. I haven't been to St. Mawes in ages, but I feel a visit coming on soon! Thanks for reminding me what a lovely spot it is.

  10. Absolutely beautiful.
    We are still being graced with snow, but I have great faith soon it shall come to an end.
    You didn't mention if you bought anything at the lovely little bakery.

  11. You live a blessed life. This day looks absolutely perfect... Thank you for sharing. Lx

  12. It looks lovely...its freezing up here in yorkshire....

  13. Pure poetry! Thank you for a lovely glimpse of Spring.

  14. So gorgeous - beautiful post! thank you.

  15. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. The daffs there are ahead of ours in yorkshire :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Dear Christine
    Aah, just so very lovely indeed!
    I know all those places so well, from our holidays and it made my heart sing to see the sunshine and Spring spirit in those beautiful locations :-)
    Thank you!
    D x