Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Beach therapy

I have a cough and a cold at the moment (along with half the population I suspect!), but I thought a bit of fresh air on the beach would do me good......

As always I took along my collecting bag, and this is what I came back with.....

a mixture of shells and pebbles and sea glass, some seaweed attached to a bit of shell, and a tangle of fishing line with interesting tube worm casts.

 I found six cowries, which will be ideal for decorating the tops of these tiny old wooden clockmaker's boxes.

Here's what they look like when they're finished:

I've always believed in the power of nature to make you feel better!
Keep cosy; it's gonna be another frosty night x


  1. Some very interesting flotsam and jetsam you found on your walk...
    Define frosty... its - 6C here.

  2. Looks like my kind of beach, you'd have trouble dragging me back off.

  3. Love the little boxes, Christine - would be perfect for keeping extra special tiny beach finds in :)

    Take care of yourself - hope you'll feel better soon,..I'm sure the Cornish air is the best medicine.
    Niki x

  4. Lovely to share your beach finds and those little boxes are great!
    Hope you're feeling in tip-top condition soon! xx

  5. Next time I am home I really must do some beach combing. We live near Lake Michigan and its one of my fav things to do........but we do not have that sort of treasure. I would love to find beach glass its so rare now people use plastic, maybe you still get more on the seashore. Do you ever find the glass fish floats.

  6. Hi I am sitting with angela its lovely wishing you here too. Having a crafty day in sidmouth.loving your blog from hesta .from bodkincreates.blogspot.co.uk