Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Snowdrop

I took a walk along to the old bridge that crosses the estuary at Ruan Lanihorne this afternoon....

In the woods the walls are smothered in moss.

 Amazingly beautiful close-up.....

By the time I reached the church there wasn't enough sun to read the sundial on the wall, alas.

Behind the little spring a carpet of snowdrops....

Back when I was a student and visiting a friend in Oxford, a lady stopped me in the street and asked if I would care to read some of her poetry. Her name was Zoe Peterssen, and I still have the two simple handmade books of her poems which she entitled, 'Whispers from Nature'. I cannot pass these pretty white maids now without recalling to mind her words:


She bent her head
and to me whispered,
whispered softly and gently:
"pay me some attention"

The Snowdrop

 My walk began in sunshine and ended in rain, but the kind of rain that is soft and gentle as it kisses your cheek, and sends little circular waves of ripples in the puddles.


  1. This post delights my heart. The poem is my favorite kind of poetry, and the story of how you received it is even more touching. What a treasured gift. I have never seen snowdrops because they do not grow here. I believe they would be one if my favorites. How shy they are. The moss on the walls enchants me. I live in such dry climates that I only see moss like that if I drive far up into the mountains where the redwoods grow. What a lovely day you had.

  2. I just googled Zoe P and she died in 2011, how sad I wonder where copies of her poems would be - I will delve into the internet and find them. x

  3. Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas! I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog today, and so enjoyed reading about your life in Cornwall, your lovely shop, and your affinity for beautiful vintage things! I also admire that your mum is so special in your life. In mid-March, I will be traveling to Cornwall for the second time with my 75-year old mum (we stayed near Mousehole in 2012, and this time will base ourselves in Fowey for a couple of weeks), and this time we are bringing my 12 year old niece along for her first visit to England. How I wish we could visit your shop during our stay (alas, we won't have a car but will depend on public transport), but just had to leave a comment to let you know how your blog has whetted my appetite for my upcoming trip. I hope to find some wonderful vintage treasures in Cornwall to bring home with me! :-)

  4. I took an morning walk with my nine year old son in the forrest today and noticed this kind of miss that you show a close-up of. It was the first time I ever saw it. Ever.

  5. Just beautiful. Pictures, Story, Poem. Blog.