Tales from the Sea Garden

Tales from The Sea Garden

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Saturday 7 February 2015

The velvet on this 1950's boudoir chair has faded to almost dove-grey now, but just imagine what it was like when first made, in this electric sky-blue!

The papering of the walls is still going on....and on....and on.....

A new acquisition is this wicker basket on wheels, designed I think to keep baby things in. The inner 'tray' which is ruched with a dainty rosebud fabric lifts up to reveal a lovely lined interior, the rosebud fabric again appearing in the base.

These little leather shoes are the most gorgeous colour aren't they! I've put one of Angelica's shoe painting cards next to them.

A few Valentine's Day cards; one an original Victorian fold-out card and the other two are replicas of cards from the 1920's which I make. The little boy in the combinations is picking the petals off a daisy, and underneath it reads, 'she lufs me, she lufs me not....'

The blushing girl with the pink bow is saying, 'I ain't nobody's sweetheart yet'!

 This necklace by Louise Taylor-Bowen is made from dyed vintage lace with pretty pink pearls and shells stitched on.

Happy Days everyone!  Spring is coming!


  1. Everything is so lovely Christine. I especially like the wallpapering...it is so delicate in its beauty of layers. You must be so happy to be in your shop again. I am happy for you. The aqua shoes and Valentines are darling. Everything makes me smile. Enjoy.

  2. How many lovely things you always share with us, and your works are above all the most delightful !!!
    Enjoy the weekend, dear Christine.
    I'm sending hugs across the ocean, with love ad admiration and thankfulness X

  3. Love the walls they work so well - I want to come and stand and look at them but its a long day out for me here in France!

  4. Lovely to see inside the shop again. I have missed it xx

  5. You keep adding to the wallpaper? As a collage?